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NEFA 19878



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A home movie record of various family holidays around Northumberland, two annual Ashington Sports Days, and family celebrations. The film includes camping, visits to the seaside at Blyth, views of Tynemouth outdoor swimming pool, and picnicking in rural Northumberland.

The film begins with a panoramic view of Cragside House, near Rothbury in Northumberland.

Boys play in a water fountain in the shallow end of Tynemouth Outdoor Pool. One boy slides down a slide and splashes into the pool. A trick shot then shows him in rewind, sliding back up the slide.

Overhead views of Tynemouth Outdoor Pool.

Title: Wooler North Ld [note: Northumberland]

A family are camping. Their tent is erected immediately next to their car (registration JVK 888). The canvas shakes violently in the wind. A child peeks out from beneath the canvas. The family cross a rope bridge over a stream.

View of a ruined castle, possibly Chillingham Castle in Northumberland.

Children run toward camera on a beach. Portrait shot of a row of four small children sat on a sand dune. Two women bathe in the sun in summer dresses and cardigans. A man and a woman sunbathe with their dog.

Views of the beach and seaside. People sit on the sands, and paddle in the sea. Views of children splashing water at one another, a cobble fishing boat visible at sea in the background.

In rougher weather, and at another location, three young women walk in the rain beside a waterfall. View of a castle gate. A woman walks around a war memorial, wreathes have been left beneath it; her dog leaps and begs.

A man proudly cleans and polishes his Norton motorcycle.

A television aerial is being installed to the side of a chimney on the roof of a house.

Views of a ruined castle.

Two children wave from the top of a rocky outcrop of moorland. A man strokes his dog on the grassy verge beside his parked car.

Two men light a gas cooking stove next to their tent. Views of the various campers and their cars. A young girl holds a box-style stills camera. The campers play together, the campsite is surrounded by moorland.

A woman cycles along a road verged with terraced houses. A little girl cycles toward camera.

A marching band lead a parade along an urban street, possibly in Ashington. Views of the various carnival floats: a King and Queen, a group of cowboys, a beauty queen, a steam train (Puffing Willy, sponsored by Wills’ Woodbines), a man wearing drag as Lady Godiva. There is also a circus performer, a football team (likely wearing the Ashington FC team strip). A band play atop a float pulled by a horse. Four sheiks pray to a snake as it is being charmed by a flute played by a fifth sheik.

View of the busy carnival street emptying as people clear the pavements.

The next sequence records events filmed in a suburban home. A baby sits on a garden lawn.

Title: Ashington Sports Day 1952

A brass band marches past, followed immediately behind by a column of schoolchildren holding hands. Families accompany their children to the sports field.

Young girls take part in a sprinting race.

Children sit aboard a carousel, their seats attached to the roof by chains. View of the carousel in motion.

Views of other fairground rides and attractions.

Title: Joan’s Birthday Party 1950

Children are sat around a dinner table indoors. The table is covered with party food: cakes and tea. The candles of the birthday cake are lit and then blown out, eventually.

A baby is sat on a rug on a garden lawn.

A toddler carries a broom down the garden path.

Two or three families enjoy a picnic on the grass with their young children.

A baby, sat on a table indoors, rummages through a woman’s handbag.

A twin propeller engine Aer Lingus plane taxies on a runway. Disembarking passengers pause on the stairway and wave.

A mother and daughter and their dog take a picnic beside their car.

Views of a seaside campsite. A family picnic beside their tent. A woman buys two ice creams from an ice cream van where there is a small queue.

Title: Sunday at Blyth

Two women, a man and a dog sunbathe.

Children play on a nautically themed playground. A concrete play ship is named Landlubber. Children play on a slide.

Views of Blyth beach, busy with holidaymakers.

A wedding cake is the centrepiece of a dinner or tea party in a home dining room. The diners sit around the table smoking cigarettes.

Title: The Feast

Families picnic in front of their cars, parked beside the road. A monkey sits on the boot of a parked car (registration: ELW 675), eating a snack.

The family play catch on the beach. Their dog chases the ball between them. Out to sea, a large cargo vessel or ferry passes by.

A girl plays a trumpet in bed.

Title: Ashington Sports [date illegible]

A brass band leads a column of schoolgirls on a march.

Children take part in races, and folk dancing. A girls’ choir sings.

Boys perform a Morris dance with wooden sticks or batons. Couples of schoolchildren perform another folk dance, the boys wear kilts.

A girls’ school recorder band plays.

Four men are sat on a bench, an amateur gauge movie camera set up on a tripod in front of them.