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YFA 3465



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A film made by members of the Morley Cycling Club that capture footage of many abbeys around Yorkshire. There are shots of the surrounding landscape and villages that they pass through along the way. There is a continuous commentary by several different men giving in depth histories of the different abbeys and sights.

Title-The Roots of Our Faith.

The film opens with shots of the York Minster taken from Dean's Park and from the city walls. There are archaeological excavations going on at some site as well as shots of the ruins in the Museum Gardens and shots of the city walls.

The following shot is of a sign for `Barwick-in-Elmet', which is just outside Leeds. This is followed by shots taken from the side of a busy road, panning around to take in some buildings on one side of the road and the countryside all around. There are lingering shots of the ruins of St. Mary's Abbey in the middle of a field. There are shots from every angle, taking in the carvings, the columns and the windows.

The next section opens with the medieval church at Sherburn, near Selby. There is a tall, stone cross at the side of the church with relief carvings on it. The local village can be seen in the background.

Another sign points towards Goodmanham and Market Weighton, and then there are shots of a village and churches and some of the houses in the village. There is another old church in Barwick-in-Elmet which has a cemetery beside it. There are brief shots of the strong wind blowing some trees around and then the scene changes to St. Hilda's Abbey in Whitby. Again there are many shots of the various features of the abbey and the grounds on which it stands.

There is a sign for York and shots of the Minster from a variety of angles and streets including the Shambles, as well as from right beside it. There are close up shots of the various windows, carvings and spires.

There is a shot from the steps of Leeds Town Hall looking down the road at the other large buildings that are visible. Following this is footage of Kirkstall Abbey near Leeds, with shots of all of the arches, the windows and the cloisters. There are some people walking along a path in the grounds and flowers in bloom.

In the next section, the car drives along a road with the camera in the back seat filming the road as they drive through villages and out into the open countryside in Wharfedale. There are lingering shots from beside and above a fast flowing river. Then there are shots from the top of a hill looking down onto fields and Bolton Abbey. Again, there are many shots taken from around the ruins and the grounds.

There is a road sign which indicates Bolton Abbey in one direction and Skipton in the other. A car drives along a road, and the camera pans away to take in the large abbey. This is followed by a man's hands showing the camera an old knife, which the voiceover says dates from 1513. There are shots from various angles of the abbey, and the voiceover say this is one of four abbeys where services still take place; the nave is intact.

The next section begins in Nidderdale, and the cameraman is filming from the back window of the car, capturing footage of the countryside as they drive along. There are sheep in fields and then shots of the Brimham Rocks. The River Skell flows along between trees and some deer are visible in a field. There are shots of another very large abbey, Fountains Abbey; lots of people walk around. There are big, old trees on the grounds, and many different parts of the Abbey can be seen. The final shot of taken out the back window of the car as they drive along a country road.