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YFA 4526



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This is a film made by West Yorkshire Police of a Rolling Stones concert in Roundhay Park in July, 1982. The film focuses on the spectators and some of the behind-the-scenes activities.

The film begins with a man clambering over the perimeter fence into the concert. The Rolling Stones are seen playing in the distance from high up on one of the hills overlooking the crowd, with Mick Jagger playing guitar. The large crowd is shown and a colourful fireworks display in the background.

Title - Rolling Stones Roundhay Park, Pop Concert July 1982

Filmed by West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Film Unit.

The End

Camera - R Matthews, C.G.I.A., A.I.I.P., A.R.P.S, M.B.K.S, G Hancock

Two policemen in short sleeves are walking along a road besides the park which is then filmed from a moving vehicle. Spectators are shown queuing up to go into the concert on a sunny day. The stage is bare, and the arena is empty as security personnel line up in front of the stage. As the spectators are allowed in they run to the front to grab a good spot. A couple of police on horseback patrol the perimeter as the crowd is slowly allowed in after having their bags searched. The tour brochure is being sold, and litter is building up around the outside. Some police have discussions with stage hands. The large crowd applaud. Someone is being treated for being sick and people mill around the outside as a joiner works on the perimeter fence. A policeman stands next to a handcuffed man. A girl feeds one of the police horses. There is a large car park and a sign for the entrance. Police patrol the perimeter with sniffer dogs. A St John ambulance arrives, and several people sneak through the fence before a policeman arrives.

Mick Jagger is doing his stuff on the stage with the crowd clapping along. A senior policeman is being interviewed by a TV crew. The police control the cars and caravans arriving. There is a long line of coaches and many cars. Many men in the spectators are topless in the sun. Police are chatting and joking with the crowd. The stadium is then shown empty. Again the first to be let in are shown running towards the stage, this time from a higher vantage point. As the crowd goes through the gates any glass bottles or cans are put into dustbins. A sign states: 'No Bottles, Cans Glasses or Alcoholic Drinks Allowed'. A row of policemen and women sit against the fencing having lunch. Behind the stage lorries carrying stage materials are parked. A police motorcyclists sets off on his boxer BMW. Edwin Shirley trucking arrives.

In front of the stage the arena is filling up. A couple of policemen walk through the crowd. The fencing is shown close up. There is a platform for disabled persons in wheelchairs. Stewards collect food near the first aid caravan. People are relaxing on the outskirts near the fish and chips and ice cream vans. Police are eating in a marquee. A youth is escorted into a police van. An Afro-Caribbean policewoman walks off smiling. A large crowd are moving and a youth clambers over the perimeter fence. Police are being given instructions. There is a long queue for the Ladies loo. More people try to get in over the perimeter fence and police patrol with dogs. Someone is carried into an ambulance on a stretcher. The film finishes with people walking around near the perimeter fence.