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YFA 781



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Part of the Shapre collection, this film documents a family holiday to Germany in summer, 1954. It includes footage of the family leaving the train station, the ship journey to Germany, and their time spent abroad.

The film opens with a picture of a scene and flowers.

Title-July 1954 Rolling Up the Rhine.

Title-Cine-photography by Bob & Ben.

This section is in black and white and shows the Sharps standing and chatting on the platform of a train station. The train behind them is called `The Day Continental'. They all smile and pose for the camera and then some of them load their luggage onto the train from a trolley.

The next shots are taken from inside the train carriage where they smoke, talk and smile at the camera. Following this, the Sharp party arrives at a ferry port where they carry their luggage up the gangway to the ship. The shot then cuts to them all seated at a table in a dining room on board the ship, where waiters are serving the passengers food from plates.

Now in colour, the opening scene shows the ship at a German port and the passengers disembarking and walking off. The Sharp family arrives at a ship that has been moored at another part of the port; the ship is called `The Lady Constance, London'. There are shots of refuelling from a Gulf water tanker UK MTB patrol boat.

The family visits a war cemetery, and there are many shots of the vastness of the site; there are close ups of two of the headstones. Then the Sharps are back on the boat travelling long the Danube. They pass lots of boats with people working on the decks, past small buildings and houses on the shore. At one stage the boat docks and several army officers board the boat. There are some brief shots of circus vans being opened up in a field.

This next section is black and white again, and there are more shots of the field with caravans, stall and amusements. Two young, blonde boys walk towards the camera smiling and the shot then cuts to the Sharp party back on board their boat and some of them are talking to the captain and smiling at the camera.

Again in colour, they are on the water again and the Lady Constance, London sails past many very long barges which people appear to be using as floating homes. This cuts to shots of the family back on land and having a coffee in the sunshine at an outdoor caf?. Back on the boat and there are more shots of the river and the boats and people that sail past. On one section of the river's edge, children are swimming in the water.

The next scene takes place in another town and one of the men in the group points to some novelty ties that are in a shop window. There is then a shot of the man and a woman who is most likely his wife and they are both wearing a novelty tie. As the camera films the streets again, there are shots of a Woolworths store as well as a group of people on a tour who are all wearing novelty hats.

The next section in in black and white and colour and consist of a variety of shots taken from the Lady Constance, London, onto the river, including a coach that is being brought across the river on a small boat. There are also some brief shots of the Sharps taking a trip up a mountain in cable cars and having a drink in a beer garden.

Title-The same river at midnight.

Title-Dark shots by Bob and Ben.

The final shots are taken of a small road and high wall which are lined with hundreds of colourful flowers. There are some lingering shots of a garden and wall covered in many flowers.