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NEFA 21317



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A compilation of short, colour amateur films by N. F. Whatley that document the first Sunderland Illuminations at Roker Park in 1936 and a trip to Blackpool Illuminations in the 1930s. There is also a short sequence of holiday footage. This film is part of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA) collection.

Title: Roker Park, Sunderland. Illuminations 1936

Credit: Photography N. F. Whatley

The first Sunderland illuminations in 1936 light up Roker Park near the seafront at night, festoons of flashing lights creating figures such as monkeys, peacocks, football between a bird and a rabbit, Little Bo Peep and her sheep, a smoking puppy dog, kittens, performing seals, windmills, and kaleidoscopic patterns.

Title: A Visit to Blackpool

Visitors walk along the Promenade in Blackpool and on the beach, the pier in the background, and seafront buildings advertising “Wonderland of the World”, “Circus” and the Aquarium. Blackpool Tower rises above the buildings. At night, the illuminations light up the night sky.

Two women stand next to an Austin Seven (?) car (Registration No. CVK600). A gentleman in a Knickerbocker suit gets out of the driver’s seat. The three have possibly arrived at their hotel, located at a picturesque spot overlooked by hills.

Title: These pictures were taken on Kodachrome, Kodak’s new All Colour Cine Film