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YFA 2869



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This film is made up of portions featuring four main events: the Leeds Circus, Flooding at Scout Hill, a Cooling Tower Power Station, and the AMAS Fire.

The film is divided into four segments the first of which features a circus in Leeds. Under the big top, there are many acrobats performing on the high wire, trapeze, and in various other situations for the audience. There are some circus animals, a snake charmer, and a few jugglers.

The next part of the film is of a day of flooding on Scout Hill. At the street crossings, cars and busses are trying to make their way through despite the high water levels. At one intersection, there is a policeman directing traffic through the flooding waters.

The third part of the film begins with newspaper clippings about the demolition of the cooling tower at a power station. Headlines include, 'Landmark bites the dust.' After the newspaper clippings, the cooling tower, first standing untouched, implodes and is demolished. The surrounding areas can also be seen once the dust settles.

Finally, the last part of the film opens with a business sign for William S. Graham & Sons, (Dewsbury) Ltd. At a close by building, a fire rages, to which the fire brigade quickly responds. From on top of a cherry-picker, a fireman pours water onto the fire. More trucks also respond to the scene driving around traffic. The fire has destroyed most of the building, and the building, inside and out, in the aftermath of the fire closes the film right before the end titles.