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YFA 1754



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This is a film made by Derrick Walton commemorating the births of two boys, probably nephews; and also of Skipton Gala, and Derrick's parents' 40th anniversary party.

Title – Robert Anthony FACEY 4th Nov 1959

A nurse brings Robert out of the Maternity hospital to a waiting car.  He is held by his mother with his brother, Adrian, behind.  Then he is being held by his father, and mother feeds the baby, and grandparents and family all take a turn at holding Robert.  Adrian plays with a model train set, possibly at Christmas time.  Robert is then seen in his pram and being held by his mother.  The family are then sat down at the table for dinner, which is shown set out on the table.

The film skips forward a couple of years with Adrian and Robert in a peddle car in the garden. The two of them are playing in the garden with Gillian.

The film switches to the family car arriving at the maternity hospital to pick up Robert’s new-born baby brother, Andrew, who is carried out by a nurse (6.5.62).  All the children pose with their grandparents in the garden for the camera.  The film then shows a walk through the woods, with one of the adults losing his balance and falling out of shot.  There is brief footage of Andrew sitting on a beach with a bucket and spade, and taking some first steps.  He plays with other children in the water at the seaside possibly near Morecambe/Knott End/Hest Bank.

The film switches to show the Skipton Gala with a highland band marching band heading the parade, followed by decorated floats, including the Skipton Gala Queen for 1963 and ‘Merrall’s Office Staff’.   There is also a float for Keighley Gala Queen, the retiring gala queen, the Flintstones and Miss Crotona, as well as majorettes, Scouts, and participants in fancy dress and drag.  The parade is filmed across from Trinity Methodist Church, on Sackville Street.  Then the children sit and eat at the 40 year wedding anniversary party of the grandparents.  Finally, all the family sit down to dinner.