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NEFA 18608



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This film documents a test launch of the Cullercoats Lifeboat 'Isaac and Mary Bolton' which was in service between 1951 and 1963. [Some brief sequences are running fast.]

Title: R.N.L.I.Cullercoats Lifeboat Station

Close-up of the bow of the Cullercoats Life Boat. Close-up of the bow of the R.N.L.B. Isaac and Mary Bolton with the RNLI’s flag logo visible at the edge of the shot.

Two teams of men stand in lines down the beach holding rope lines ready to haul the lifeboat out to sea. As they heave, the boat, placed on a trailer, begins to roll seaward. [Film running fast in this sequence.] View back towards the town from the sea showing the trailer approach the water.

A man descends from the boat as others congregate on the beach. Rows of houses can be seen in the background.

The caterpillar-tracked tractor winch is connected to the trailer and it begins to push the boat further towards the water.

The tractor drives the lifeboat out to sea until the water covers the caterpillar tracks. Its engine froths seawater furiously. The lifeboat is disconnected from its trailer, and sails parallel with the beach under its own power. The launching equipment is towed back towards the lifeboat house and then turned around.

The tractor leaves the trailer in the shallows. The lifeboat is winched along the slipway and up on to the trailer. Teams of men steady the boat as its keel rides a narrow gutter in the trailer. Once loaded and stable on the trailer, a two-wheeled tender is connected to its stern. The tractor begins to turn the lifeboat and trailer around again.

The scene moves to the winch house where a man in a flat cap drives a large winch.

Waves splash against the seawall. Water runs back down a concrete slipway.

View of Cullercoats Watch House on Front Street from the beach.

Title: END