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NEFA 14508



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An amateur film showing views and activities along the river Tyne around North Shields, Jarrow and South Shields. The films includes the departure of a Bergen Line ferry "Leda" from North Shields, St Paul’s Monastery at Jarrow and anglers fishing from Groyne Pier at South Shields.

The film opens on two cargo ships moored on the river Tyne. Two smaller ships are also moored alongside a small jetty.

General view looking up at an electric pylon.

Aboard a ferry boat a Ford Cortina Mark 1 pulls into position alongside a number of other vehicles.

Seen from the ferry travelling along the river Tyne two ships are in dry dock at Smith's Dock Company, North Shields. In the same shipyard there are views of an oil platform under construction. 

A number of red and white Mini-Cooper cars are parked along a quayside. A man drives a Massey Ferguson tractor off the back of a flatbed lorry that is parked in front of the Customs Car Examination building. A second tractor is driven of the lorry and drives past the parked Mini-Coopers.

A Volkswagen camper van is hoisted onto a ship by a dockside crane. Four sailors standing on the quayside work on a section of rope. General view of the stern of the Bergen Line ferry “Leda” moored along the quayside. Two men stand on the deck of a tugboat that is slowly moving away from the quayside. Stencilled onto the stern of the tugboat are the words “George. V Newcastle”. The propellers of the tugboat churn the water as it pulls the “Leda” away from the quayside and turn her to face downstream.

General view of a deserted terminal building; a blue Mini-Cooper is parked in the yard and a lone man walks beside the concrete walkway. Men load wooden fish crates onto the back of a flatbed lorry. A man hoses down the concrete walkway. General view of the fish crates loaded on the lorry.

A car is parked in front of the Customs Car Examination building. A lorry is parked along the side of the building with the Bergen Line terminal building in the background.

A large sign in front of a construction site reads “Brims. Contractors for Tyne Improvement Commission. New Car Ferry Terminal”. On the building site a crane carries a cement carrier away from a Gibson cement lorry. Another crane stands in front of the steel frame of a building under construction.

A boarded up building stands alone surrounded by grass and scrubland on a road near the top of a hill. Below is another building and the river Tyne.

General view of a roadway between two large buildings. Pipes and a roadway pass overhead.

Small blue flowers grow out of scrub.

A set of stone steps lead down. A cobblestoned road leads towards a factory with a chimney behind it. General view of a back alley between two factory units.

Panoramic shot of a large piece of grassy scrubland with a partially demolished building in the near distance. A green wagon is parked on the edge of the scrub near to a road where a Ford Cortina Mark 1 is parked. The Ford Cortina is parked in the road next to a wire fence with two telegraph poles on either side. Houses and buildings can be seen in the distance.

A wooden sign for St Paul’s church in Jarrow stands behind a stone wall. An avenue of trees leads to views of the ruined section of St Paul’s Monastery.

At South Shields a view looking across the Tyne towards North Shields shows the oil platform under construction at Smith's Dock Company. Low angle shot of a small boatyard with a number of vessels either moored on the water or in the yard. Panoramic view along the river shows activities on both shores including the North Shields Fish Quay, the Old High Light and New Low Light lighthouses. 

General view of the Groyne Pier and Lighthouse at South Shields. A man baits his fishing line. The film ends with the man casting into the river beside a second fisherman; Tynemouth Castle and statue of Admiral Lord Collingwood can be seen at Tynemouth.