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NEFA 21658



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An amateur film produced by members of the Cleveland Cine Club of a boat trip downstream along the River Tees on 7th May 1979. The film captures the industrial landscape of the area and passes under both the Newport and Transporter Bridges. As the boat travels further downstream larger cargo ships are moored at Tees Dock on the north bank of the river, while on the south side there are views of the Shell Teesport Refinery.

The film begins with people climbing on board a small boat and it travelling along the river Tees. A general view followsof the passengers on board as they approach the A19 flyover. The film cuts to show the boat approaching and going under the Newport Bridge.

General views show passengers looking around them as they pass the site ICI Billingham on the south bank which includes a large industrial complex and wharf.

As the boat approaches the Transporter Bridge, a number of cargo boats are moored along the quayside along with a number of smaller boats. A tugboat passes as they go underneath the Transporter Bridge.

Beyond the Transporter Bridge, large cargo vessels are moored along the quayside at Tees Dock. On the other bank views of large industrial units and a tank farm at the Shell refinery at Teesport. These shots are intercut with views of the passengers on board as the boat looking around them with interest.  

The boat passes a buoy in the river followed by a view of a large cargo ship moored at a quayside. A large mechanical grabber on the quayside is used to unload ore for the ship for the Lackenby steel works.

Closer to the mouth of the river the Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station is seen in the distance. They continue to pass many ships on the water including the ‘Thistle Venture’ which they pass close to the bow.

The film ends with the boat passing an office block with the ICI emblem on the front and finally under the A19 fly over heading upstream.