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NEFA 22274



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This home movie filmed by Michael John Keane features his family taking a seaside holiday along the Yorkshire coast, views of a fast flowing River Tees and High Force, a trip to Stewart Park in Middlesbrough and footage from the Cleveland show. A visit to  Staithes includes shots of  women in traditional lace bonnets. Atmospheric views of Middlesbrough dock and the Transporter Bridge at dusk end this compilation.

The film opens with a view of small sailing boats and their owners at Runswick Bay. Two small children play at the shoreline, dipping their hands in a rockpool. An artist paints a picture of some of the village houses. People are watching the world go by from a wall near the boats, while others are involved with drawing or painting.

General views of the cliffs along the coastline and the sea. A young teenager makes his way down craggy rocks to the shoreline. More general views of the coast follow. A man jumps off the rocks into the sea for a swim. A young boy climbs acoss some rocks with his fishing rod, making his way to the pebble beach.

The view changes to boats drawn up on a pebble beach. General views show the cliffs with their distinctive rock strata. A young boy climbs up some of the rocks at the base of a cliff. A young child plays on the beach and a family plays nearby. More general views of rocks and rock pools follow.  General views show limpets stuck to the rocks, followed by a high angle view of the cliffs being buffeted by the sea.   

A torrent of water flows down the River Tees. The water flows fast across the rocks. A view of High Force on the river Tees is next, in the distance water pours down this well known cascade. The camera zooms in on the waterfall.

Two boys and a man stand on a rock not too far from the waterfall and watch the spectacle.

General view of Stewart Park in Middlesbrough. The granite vase showing Captain Cook's birthplace can be seen in the distance. General views show families and children enjoying the weather and park facilities.

A view follows of the famous conservatory at Marton Hall. Families sit and play on some stone steps which led up to the hall. A young boy kicks a ball around on the grass, a dog chases a smaller ball, followed by general views of the park. In the distance some of the cages that house a collection of animals can be seen.

Two boys try to shake something down from the branch of a tree. Other children amuse themselves by sliding down some flat stones which border the steps leading up to the area where the conservatory now stands. A woman amuses herself by sitting on a wall near some shrubs and knitting.

Tulips and other flowers fill some of the flower displays and borders, making an attractive and colourful feature in the park. General views follow of other similar borders.

More general views reveal marquees set up in the park, probably part of the annual Cleveland Show, which takes place at Stewart park. A gymnastic display display features gymnasts on a trampoline in front of a sign which reads, 'This Is The Yorkshire Brigade!'.

Next, views of foxhunters on horseback and their hounds [out of focus]. People drift from display to display, and explore some  of the marquees. R. Preston and Son of Potto have a steam traction engine on display.

On the streets of Staithes a little girl watches a man split some wood as he sits on a step at the side of a street. A woman stands in her doorway looking out on the street wearing a traditional white bonnet unique to Staithes.

General views follow of tourists making their way down the narrow street, the man splitting firewood still busy.

Seagulls look out for scraps. General views follow of the village, the beach and the cliffs in the distance. The camera zooms in on some boats drawn up on the beach, one of them with the name 'Star of Hope'. Other views show lobster pots in one of the boats, and of work going on around the boats. Groups of people and young children clambering over rocks near cliffs.A woman wearing one of the traditional Staithes bonnets makes her way over the rocks and along the beach. A group of young children play on the rocks and on the beach, a couple of them try their luck with fishing nets. A young girl studies some of the rocks intently. General views of fishing boats on the beach. Children explore the area near the boats, the camera focusing on the various bits and pieces piled into some of the boats. General views show the rooftops of some of the village houses, followed by other views of streets and houses. Then back to seagulls perching on the roofs and chimneys.

The film cuts to a study of reflections of trees in the water, then waves on the sea.

A man wrapped up against the bad weather walks along a windy shoreline, a camera slung around his neck. He looks through the viewfinder of a film camera. The film then shows a dockside scene in Middlesbrough with a number of cranes silhouetted against the sky. Two people lean against a dockside railing looking across the water to the cranes in the distance. The camera pans left to reveal a boat moored at the quayside. Next the film shows the patterns daylight makes on the water.

Next, there's a view of the cranes against the sky with the distinctive span of the Transporter Bridge in the background. The camera picks out a Tees pilot boat in the foreground, named 'W W Constantine'.

A view follows of the old dock bridge in Middlesbrough, with a car passing over it, and many old buildings surrounding the dock area. More patterns made by light on the water are recorded. In the failing light, the camera picks out elements of a ship's superstructure against the sky and the view of a ship at the quayside. The film concentrates on the patterns made by the jibs of the many cranes along the dockside. The slow graceful movements they make as they go about their work ends the film.