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YFA 3827



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Part of the Newton Collection, this film features the family at their home and on days out in Rivelin as well as exteriors of local pubs and shops in the Walkley area.

The film opens with a young girl walking a dog in the Rivelin Valley area. Groups of people also walking their dogs can be seen. The trees are bare, but it is a sunny day.

Nest, the Mother and daughter are in the back garden at their home on Hoole Street. The girl has a plaster cast on her leg, and she hobbles around the walkways.

In the front of the house, the Father and younger daughter was a 1970s car outside their home. Inside, the Mother sits on the floor in her lounge where she is listening to vinyl records. Later, the Father plays with the dog indoors, and both parents relax in the living room, listening to music.

The next portion of film is made up of exterior shots of Pubs in the Walkley area of Sheffield. Cream coloured double decker buses can be seen as well as other traffic and some pedestrians. There are also various streets scenes in the Walkley area which is part of a quite hilly landscape.

Next there is a shot of Ladybower Dam where the Father and children are walking in the countryside. This is followed by a day out at Riber Castle Zoo, and the film includes shots of various caged animals.

The family take a trip to Italy in 1976, and part of their holiday is documented. This includes some of the sites, pool, and local caf? where they stayed.

The film closes with shots of the family back garden back at their home near Sheffield.