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This film was taken at Ripon Training College, a women’s teaching college, in the mid 1950s. The film includes footage of pupils as well as staff and documents some of the activities that take place during a typical school day including art and physical education classes.

Title – The Training College Ripon

The film opens with the exterior of Ripon Training College showing several coats-of-arms. A group of girls are chatting near a doorway, and there is a plaque of Mary and the baby Jesus. Inside the college, a student plays in organ, another studies at a desk, and others sit together in a common room. There are also students studying in the library.

Members of staff and the Chaplain arrive, walking through the flowered grounds of the College. A woman rakes and hoes the vegetable patch in the garden, and, in the Rural Science Department, students tend to plants in the greenhouse. Outside the grounds, a student sits drawing, and inside, several students work on potter's wheels. Again, outside on the lawn, students are doing various physical exercises such as jumping, using a pommel house and vaulting horse, and a balance beam.

Then it is onto Ripon Cathedral and Skellfield Terrace as viewed from the River Skell. A group of students are at the south side of the Cathedral. On another field trip to Robin Hood's Bay, the students come out of a building and head down to the bay where they collect specimens from the shore before making their way back. The girls board a coach to return to the College, and back on the College drive, a man goes over some tarmac with a heavy roller.

At Holy Trinity School, a group of younger children are outside painting where their teacher watches over them. The Army are levelling the College sports field using bulldozers and other heavy machinery. The film closes with the end of term when the students load cars with their luggage to leave college for home.