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YFA 4063



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This film shows the various stages of the restoration of Ripon Cathedral.

The film begins with a copy of the charter of restoration, the state of the cathedral before restoration, the collection and shaping of stone from Clipsham Quarries and the creation of stained glass windows. The finished cathedral is shown along with reconstruction of the Norman Chapter House, a tour of the Saxon Crypt, and the first morning service at Ripon Cathedral which was filmed for television transmission.

Title - Ripon Our Heritage (Painting of Ripon Cathedral on title card) A Repair Ripon Film. Mile stones leading to Ripon, Ripon 3 and Ripon 2. Ripon cathedral can be seen in the distance across fields. Mile stone Ripon 1. Sign post - Welcome to Ripon. View of exterior of Ripon Cathedral. The Charter of Restoration is laid out and is seen in close detail focussing on the text, white roses, and metal crest at the foot of the charter. The Ripon Horn Blower walks through the streets. He is dressed in uniform and carrying the horn over his shoulder. Another man in uniform stands on the pavement before joining the procession. It is led by the Horn Blower who is followed by the Mayor and members of the Cathedral. The procession continues through the streets of Ripon and leads to the Cathedral where they are greeted by the priest. There are exterior shots of Ripon Cathedral and its stained glass window. This is followed by a series of shots focus on the crumbling structure of Ripon Cathedral. The stone shows signs of dramatic deterioration around the windows and doors. In some places around the Cathedral, scaffolding has been erected. People walk past the Cathedral and along the foot paths. Headstone - "Here lies poor but honest Bryan Tunstall, he was a most expert angler until Death, envious of his Merit, threw out his line, hooked him, and landed him here the 21st day of April 1790." Men stand at the front of the Cathedral looking at old wooden beams covered in woodworm and dry rot damage. Four men stand outside next to a work bench of tools. Three of the men are wearing suits and work overalls, and the other man is wearing a smart suit. Scaffolding and large wooden beams have been attached to the exterior of the Cathedral. Stone carvings on the exterior of the Cathedral have suffered weather damage and erosion. The walls have been tarnished and stained from weather and pollution. Work men stand on the scaffolding around to inspect the damage of the stained glass windows. Corners of the Cathedral and the lightening conductor on the top of the roof are crumbled and decayed. Views of Ripon from the roof of the Cathedral include countryside, shops, houses, factories and the River Skell. On the roof, a man wobbles a section of the roof by moving it from side to side. Two men set planks of wood either side of the loose stone to make a triangle platform. The men push the section of stone on to the planks of wood and move the stone onto the roof.

Title - Clipsham Quarries. Quarry machinery is driven through the quarry and past various sizes and shapes of stones. Men wearing aprons use drills to chisel away sections of the stones. A large crane is used to lift up and move large slabs of stone which men pull on ropes to guide the direction of the stones. Men stand on top of the stones and cut off sections using drills. Two men attach metal hoops into holes in the stone.

Title - Back at Ripon. Two stone masons hold a large stone cutter at either end and lower it onto the stone. The chain on the stone cutter breaks. The men replace the chain and continue to cut the section of stone until it falls away in one piece. A stone mason stands outside and levels off the stone using a mallet and chisel. He brushes away the dust with a hand brush and smoothes off sections with a piece of sanding paper. He then checks the level with a wooden ruler.

Title - Tracing a new window for the central Tower. Two men kneel on the floor, tracing out the window on a sheet of metal using a pencil which is moved up and down on a stick. The man uses a set of metal scissors to cut out the shape and lay it out. The two men check the measurements on the plans against the cut outs with a ruler. Outside a stone mason uses a mallet and chisel to carve in details into the stone. Another man holds up templates to check the size and shape of the stone. The man carves symbols into the stone with a mallet and chisel. Men pull the cared stones out of a work shed on trolleys. The men lift up the sections of stone and piece them together to make the windows structure before checking the measurements and levels. The new window structure and glass has been fitted onto the Cathedral. Men work on the scaffolding around the Cathedral to repair the towers. The men hand down pieces of scaffolding.

Title - The New workshop is opened. Members of Ripon Cathedral and choir boys leave the Cathedral in a procession. They are dressed in robes and followed by priests and the Mayor. A blessing ceremony takes place outside the new workshop. The procession continues back to the Cathedral.

Title - Harvest Festival at Ripon. A man carries cauliflowers through the church to a woman who is placing apples around a display of flowers. Different varieties of fruit vegetables and flowers are arranged in the display. The Harvest Loaf rests against the display. Black and white footage

Title - The Norman Chapter house is restored. Two men lay cement and stone inside the Norman Chapter House and check the levels. Other sections of the Norman Chapter House are rebuilt with stone. The finished Chapter House has been decorated with flowers and filled with furniture. A priest enters the room and sits down at the table. Large circular windows allow the room to fill up with sunlight. People begin to gather inside Ripon Cathedral. A man walks up the stone steps. The choir chambers are made of wood and have carved seats. Brass statues decorated the alter, and the new stained glass windows are at the back of the church. Title - Underneath in the Saxon Crypt. A narrow stone passageway and stone steps lead to a small room with shelves grooved out of the walls. Next to the steps, a man climbs on his stomach through a small hole in the wall. Another man helps pull him into the crypt. More men climb through the very small hole in to the crypt.

Title - Morning Service is televised. Men move a pew and place title cards on the back rest. "Ripon Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Wilfred Yorkshire." The priest stands holding a cross on a staff as the choir boys line up behind him. They follow each other into the Cathedral, up the aisle and past the congregation standing in the pews. The choir takes their places in the chambers to the right and left of the alter. To the left of the congregation, a man stands on a platform operating the television camera. A camera is pushed on a dolly up the aisle "ABC TV." To the right of the congregation is another man operating a television camera on a platform. The members of the choir stand up in their chambers as they sing. The dolly camera is pulled back down the aisle, filming the congregation. The priest walks up the steps to the pulpit to begin the service. A camera operator focuses on the priest as he addresses the congregation. One of the priests lays a plate on the alter as another kneels down to pray. A priest rests his head on the alter and prays before passing the plate back to the other priest. He picks up a staff and walks down the aisle following men in suits. The members of the Cathedral follow each other down the aisle with the congregation. Colour footage. The Mayor, members of the Cathedral, and the congregation exit Ripon Cathedral through the main doors. They then stand in front of the Cathedral, walk down the steps and out onto the street.