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YFA 2173



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The film includes shots of barrel making and scenes of work on an industrial chimney in Leeds.

The film starts with shots of a miniature steam railway making its way along a track.  The train is full of passengers (wearing Cloche hats and Trilbys, of the period) sitting on the trucks at the back.

The next shot is of an elderly couple posing for the camera as if it were a stills shot.  The grandchild and mother join them, then the little girl starts hopping around.  The next scene is of adult friends playing in a river, wearing all in one costumes and splashing each other.  The following short shots are of a golf match, with gentlemen in plus fours.

The next section is of a Cooper making a barrel for the Leeds Vinegar company, based on the Kirkstall Road. Two men finish the assembly of a barrel. There is an exterior shot of the warehouse followed by a group of women workers standing outside the warehouse door.  The women roll a full barrel of vinegar into the back of a wagon for delivery.

The film continues with more shots of golf.

The next shot is of a workman up an industrial chimney.  He is throwing bricks off the top. It is approximately 30ft high.  A man is waiting below watching the debris come down.  There is a huge long ladder lent against the chimney, the man on the top waves to the camera.

Next are typical family scenes in the front garden of their home.

"Alf Harrison, Licensed petroleum spirit store Kirkstall Road, Leeds" is a sign on a large garage door. The door is then opened and there are shots of a shiny new bus and the owner.

The film ends with a trip to Blackpool including shots from the top of Blackpool tower.