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YFA 5947



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This is one of many films made by amateur filmmaker John (Jack) E Dyson of Leeds.  This one is of the family outing to Richmond, North Yorkshire.  

The film begins in a busy street in Richmond, with the Kings Head Hotel.  Then there is a sign for the Richmond Hotel.  

Title – Market Place

The large obelisk and Holy Trinity Church can be seen as a number 36 bus passes. There are many shoppers walking around the stalls in the Market Place.

Title – New stores in old settings

Some old houses are shown, and a boy sits on a bench.

Title – The River Swale

The west bridge over the River Swale in Richmond can be seen.

Title – Richmond Castle – within the walls

 They film some of the inside of the Castle.

Title – The Invaders!!

The family is in a caravan park, and in a pond a man pulls a small boy along in a rubber dingy.  The three boys and their mother are in their swimming wear, and a couple of adults are throwing stones into a river.

Title – The Alms house and signs of bygone days

The Alms house is shown, as is an old shop with a large sign “Toffees” above the door.  A horse and cart pass by.