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YFA 1805



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Made by Laurie Wright, this travelogue features some of the scenic and well-known sites of the Yorkshire Dales.

Title - An Argoth Production
Yorkshire Dales
Whernside, Penyghent, Ingleborough
Underground shots produced by permission of H W Rhodes Esq F.R.M.S of the Craven Pothole Club
Owner of the copyright

Intertitle - Ribblehead and Whernside

The film shows the Ribblehead viaduct and surrounding countryside from a distance and then close up.

Intertitle - Source of Ribble

The beginnings of River Ribble is shown followed by the viaduct again in the distance. The flowing water gradually grows larger, becoming a stream.

Intertitle - Chapel-le-Dale. A delightful hamlet 1,000 ft above the sea near Ribblehead.

The film shows the church and church yard cemetery. There is an old gas light with a sign for the Hill Inn. Cars are parked outside the Inn.

Intertitle - Behind the Inn the majestic Ingleborough dominates the scene.

The mountain in seen in the distance.

Intertitle - Selside. Another secluded hamlet near Ribblehead with Penygent in the distance.

The mountain is seen from afar with a village road and parked car in the foreground.

Intertitle - The village school is the loneliest in Yorkshire and has only 8 pupils.

The small school building is seen behind a large tree.

Intertitle - Horton

The village is shown with a stream running through it. There is a mill with a large water mill in operation, and a bridge going over the river. Houses are situated near the river, and there is a church.

Intertitle - A house in a graveyard

A house is shown on the grounds of the church yard, along with some other houses in the village.

Intertitle - Penygent

The mountain is shown in the distance, and then up close. A rambler walks up a pile of rocks on the Penygent, followed by a wide section of the river.

Intertitle - 400 year's old pack horse bridge at Stainforth

The bridge is shown in the distance going over the River Ribble, and then again close up.

Intertitle - Stainforth Force

Several young men stand looking at Stainforth Force, before two of them dive in.

Intertitle - the Limestone country

A hillside is shown with much of the white limestone exposed. Sheep and chickens mingle in a field.

Intertitle - Thames Clyde express climbing up the Dale

A steam train can be seen across the fields.

Intertitle - Ingleton. With its railway viaduct and the most exquisite river scenery in Yorkshire

The viaduct is shown with the village houses on both sides. A small group of people are standing by a wall, with the church in the background, as two cars pass.

Intertitle - Pecca Falls and Thornton Force. It is possible to walk behind the force.

There is a sign for Pecca Falls pinned against a tree. The Falls are shown from various angles. There is a group of sightseers at the bottom, and then the falls are shown from above. The sightseers walk under the falls.

Intertitle - Beezley Falls, Baxenghyll Gorge and Snow Falls.

The falls are seen in the distance through a canopy of trees, and again closer in with the rocks on either side.

Intertitle - Ingleborough, the mountain of 'pots' and caves.

Ingleborough is seen in the distance, whilst in the foreground there is a path through the moorland.

Intertitle - Gaping Ghyll a 'pot-hole' 300 ft deep.

A group of men and women stand on the top of the cave and make their way down.

Intertitle - 340 ft below the surface

From deep inside the cave a shaft of light is seen entering through the top.

Intertitle - Beauties of the underworld.

A cave diver, with headlamp, peers up at the ceiling of stalactites

Intertitle - Trow Ghyl - once a cave

The Ghyl is shown with sunlight at one end, and a pile of rocks coming down from the entrance.

Intertitle - Ingleborough cave

A dark hole in the side of a hill shows the entrance to the cave. A woman stands inside the entrance. Again there are stalactites in the cave.

Intertitle - A wonderful pillar 9ft high formed by fusion of a number of stalactites and stalagmites.

The pillar is shown.

Intertitle - "Jokeys Cap" a stalagmite 2 ft high has taken thousands of years to form

The stalagmite is shown.

Intertitle - Clapham a picturesque Dale's village

A mountain stream feeds into a river with a stone bridge. The film shows the village in spring and the bridge from the other side. A house has a tree in blossom. There is a church and a car drives through the main village road as the film comes to an end.