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Pathe News item.
Issue No. 56/3 (9/1/1956)

Leeds Corporation receives the first of a new fleet of buses, whose controls are "so simple a one-legged man can drive them".

Commentary: "Lord Brabazon hands over one of the latest type of buses to Leeds Corporation - the first of a fleet of 135. The new bus's controls are so simple a one-legged man can drive it - and here's Alderman Rafferrty, Chairman of Leeds Transport Commission, the ideal man to prove it!

The gears are changed by compressed air; the drive is continuous through a fluid flywheel. There's no clutch - the only pedals are brake and accelerator. The City of Leeds plans to abolish all its trams as these revolutionary buses come into service. A bus with a one-legged driver, and Lord Brabazon as conductor - that must be a record of some kind!

Just put her in gear when you're starting on a hill - she'll stay where she is until you accelerate. No fiddling with the handbrake. With such simple controls, drivers can give all their attention to the traffic. And that's a big advantage, even for drivers with two legs!"