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YFA 1949



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Made by Bradford University, this is a film which shows the opening of Revis Barber Halls of Residence on 27th November, 1963.

The film begins showing the new Revis Barber Halls of Residence on a flickering TV screen.  A TV reporter comes on screen and says a few words before the programme shows some of the laboratories inside.  Then another television reporter inside a studio says something and shows a map of the layout of the new building, followed by several more views of the outside of the building and of some classes.

After a break the film returns, again showing the new building, but this time directly and not through a TV programme.  It shows staff working in the kitchens and the new dining room.

The film then switches to show the opening ceremony.   Dr Ted Edwards, the Principal of the College, addresses a room full people, followed by the Lord Mayor making a speech and presenting a commemoration bowl to Alderman Revis Barber, who then also makes a speech.  He then pulls the cord to open the curtains revealing the plaque for the Alderman Revis Barber Hall of Residence, dated 27/11/1963. Another man makes a speech and the film ends with a close-up of the plaque.