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YFA 1709



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This is a film about Bradford and its energy conservation.

Title - Review - No.9 28th year.

The film opens with shots of kids playing in a playground, a busy city street, a mine and a tractor driving through a field.

Title - Service for conservation. Save it - Energy is common sense

Shots show many streets in Bradford city centre. This is followed by an interview with Bradford Metropolitan City Council Chief Architect, Gordon Elliot. He relates Bradford's fuel conservation publicity campaign and introduces its fuel efficiency engineer George Atter.

George Atter in his yellow ford car, drives around visiting council buildings throughout the city. The first is a primary school where he is checking the temperature in the boiler room and walking through classrooms.

He then makes energy efficiency checks at Keighley Technical College, St Anne's Social Centre, a swimming pool, Central Library, An old people's home and Taunton House, a high rise block of flats where he talks to Care Taker Fred Micklethwaite, who is attempting to cut back on waste by shutting down many of the disused drying rooms.

The council has run a Children's Poster Competition, and there are shots of the various entries. The winning poster is displayed on Bradford's buses. George Atter also gives lectures and a group of students learn about fuels and domestic economy.

Students are then captured learning conservation in cookery and doing tests in a laboratory to harness water power. Views of rivers and waterfalls on the dales are with the commentator discussing the use of water power for energy purposes. Archive film of the Orknies is shown to demonstrate the harnessing of wind power.

A Yorkshire Industrialist talks about mastering the energy crisis. Bradford is a leading example in this. The film ends with views of Bradford city centre.

Title - Review.