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YFA 6303



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Amateur film by Walter Gill and friends that records a coach excursion enjoyed by a Retired Men's Forum to Beverley in East Yorkshire. The group includes shots of Walter Gill, once a Methodist minister in Hartlepool.

Title: 1979

Title: Retired Mens Forum Outing

A group of men from a retired men's forum and some wives gather on a pavement near some terraced houses in Hartlepool, waiting for their coach. They chat amongst themselves. The tall man with a beard and glasses may be Walter Gill.

A coach arrives and they all get on board. A view on the coach shows passengers settling down in anticipation of their journey. Travelling shot as the coach leaves town and speeds through the countryside.

A Land Rover driving through a Yorkshire village narrowly misses a sheep that has wandered across the road. Travelling shot of the passing hilly landscape. The coach arrives at a small village with houses and cottages dotted around a village green.

On arrival at their destination, passengers leave the coach to explore. A man carries a large plastic storage box distributing snacks. People wander around chatting and eating their snacks off paper plates. A man leans against a fence. The coach is parked in a lay-by in the countryside. A tractor comes along the road with a hedge or verge trimming attachment on it, as the Forum members climb back onto the coach.

Travelling shot from the coach as it pulls away from the lay-by. The passengers leave the coach again to explore Beverley, heading towards one of the old gates. They walk further on in the warm sunshine.

A sign advertises a garden fete as St Mary's Church. A view follows of the stonework of the church and the tower. The group emerge into the sunshine after visiting the church.

General view of the busy town centre with its distinctive Market Cross.

There's a visitor's information board outside Beverley Minster, and general views follow of the building itself with its magnificent twin towers.

General views of the town centre follow, then the Forum group get back on board the coach for the trip home.

Title: The End