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NEFA 8791



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ICI Agricultural Division Film Unit production for Tees Valley and Cleveland Water Board promoting their cause for the building of a new dam and reservoir at Cow Green, Tees Valley. It presents the argument that reservoirs can be absorbed into a landscape and not spoil the natural landscape. Includes shots of three hikers near Balderhead reservoir on the Pennine Way in Teesdale, Selsett Dam and the Lune, and walkers at Cauldron Snout on Tees, Cow Green.

Title: The Reservoirs of Teesdale [over waves of reservoir, probably Balderhead.]

Three walkers pace along a country road along the Pennine Way enjoying “the precious and ever-dwindling heritage that is the English countryside”. One of the party, a woman in a patterned green jumper, points out over Baldersdale as the two men study the map. Shots of Balderhead Reservoir and the farmland below the reservoir follow. Three dry stone walls meet.

There is a sweeping panorama over Lunedale, then overhead views of the foot of Selset Dam. The three walkers cross a bridge over the River Lune and look downstream. They take in the view from the bridge of the dam.

View of Selset Reservoir seen from a viewpoint west of the Pennine Way. The commentary adds: “Selset […] could be, and often is, assumed to be a natural lake”.

The walkers climb alongside “the jagged face of the rock” at Cauldron Snout below Cow Green. Close-up of a Pennine Way signpost. Panoramic view of land ear-marked for the Cow Green Reservoir development.

Credit: Photography: Chris Wilson
Credit: Script and Direction: Norman Beese
End Title: Made for the Tees Valley and Cleveland Water Board by Agricultural Division Film Unit ICI