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YFA 5620



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This film, part of the Fastline Collection, shows the laying of a large complex set of diamond crossings to the east of Newcastle Station in October 1948. 

The film begins showing a very large and complex cross section of railway track in a railway yard.  Following this, there is a large group of workmen gathered next to a railway line where some of the large sections of timber foundation has already been laid.  Each part has been numbered and is next to the crossover.  Some of the men are flattening the ground and others carrying sleepers.  One man is using an upright measuring stick.  

A crane lowers another section into place.  Men line up the new section with that already laid.  In the background a large advertising hoarding in front of the castle exclaims, “Shop at Binns’, Newcastle, Sunderland, South Shields”.  More smaller sections are lowered by crane, manoeuvred into place by workmen onto the timber foundation which matches the shape of the track.  The track is then attached to the foundation.  More sections are put into place as the newly laid track begins to resemble as it was laid out in the yard.  

Now the remaining sections connecting the crossover to the main line are laid.  In the background can be seen Tyne Bridge.  The last pieces are finally fitted and the finished work is shown, an A4 Gresley, with streamlined casing, passes over the line pulling a passenger train.