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YFA 2889



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This is a film of Remembrance Day 1947 in the small village of Clayton, near Bradford.   It shows the laying of wreaths at the cenotaph and a parade through the village.

The film begins showing a brass band leading the parade, followed by veterans and boy scouts.  People have gathered at the war memorial where wreaths are laid.

Intertitle – Remembrance Day 1947

The parade marches off again.  There is more film of the parade and the laying of wreaths.  Again the parade marches off, this time showing more of those on the parade, including many women.  The vicar performs a service and the war memorial commemoration stone is shown, with the name J Baguley, and then a list of other names.  There is a large crowd watching, many holding up flags.  Two soldiers stand on the top of some steps playing bugles.  The parade marches off again.  At the end the veterans line up and stand to attention, and then a group of them stand in front of a building for the camera.  Then a line of girls are standing to attention at the cenotaph.   Again the parade moves off, this time showing policemen and firemen.  A large flag is carried to the cenotaph and raised as the procession passes a bus stop, and the film comes to an end.

(there may also be film of the Lord Mayor's annual Church Parade in Clayton, with Alton Ward as the Lord Mayor in 1950)