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YFA 429



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This is a film made by Albert Thornton, Kathy Cole's father, of Remembrance Day 1946 and Whitsuntide 1946 and 1947, interspersed with film of his family.

The film begins with Kathy Cole standing on the back of a tricycle which a younger boy is riding. Then Kathy poses with a friend for the camera. They join a larger group of people on a walk through some country fields and through a wood. They stopped at an old stone bridge over a dried up stream, with Kathy sitting on the wall, her legs dangling over. Then a young man and Kathy do some acrobatics on a lawn, followed by Kathy's father walking along in conversation with another man. Next Kathy and some other children play on a roundabout in a park with a pond. This part of the film ends with Kathy's father carrying some sandwiches.

Intertitle: 'Do You Remember' A brass band leads a procession through the streets with some people in historical costume. They are joined by a group of young women dressed in white and headed by a slightly older woman with a cloak carrying a wreath, which she places at the foot of the Memorial to victims of the First World War.

Intertitle: 'Whitsuntide 1946' A large group of boys and girls line up on the street, each holding some paper, posing for the camera. A horse pulls a cart full of children decked out in union jacks. Again a brass band leads a procession through the streets.

Intertitle: 'Also . . . Annual Tea and Concert 1946' This section of the film begins with a man playing at a piano, followed by film of women dancing and singing on a stage, and later some theatre sketches.

Intertitle: 'And Also' The services board of the School Street Methodist Church is shown, followed by scenes of the damage to buildings caused by bombing.

Intertitle: 'Whitsuntide 1947' Another procession.

Intertitle: 'Seen in Harold Park' Kathy Cole is walking accompanied by three adults and they are then joined by a younger girl. Kathy skips over a lawn and smiles at the camera. The film ends with Kathy jumping into the air holding the hands of an adult on either side.