RELICS OF THE 1852 FLOOD (1970s) film no: 808

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A film that shows through the still images in a photographic album and intertitles some of the images of floods that have taken place in Holme Valley over the last century.

Title-Relics of the Holmfirth Flood Feb. 5th 1852.

The film opens with a shot of Kathleen Lockwood holding a framed document up to the camera. She talks about a flood that occurred in 1852 and how many people died. There are shots of a newspaper clipping describing how many locals died.

Title-The Holmfirth Flood caused by the Bursting of the Bilberry Reservoir on Thursday Morning February 5th 1852.

Kathleen's voice-over talks about the various accounts of the flood that were reported at the time.

A priest walks over to a bible on a stand and flicks through it. There is a shape of a pair of glasses on two of the pages and when he closes the bible the title `Holmfirth Bible' is visible on the front. There are several shots of drawings of what happened during the flood.

Title-Another book found in the flood.

A small book sits on a table and a hand opens it on the first page. There is a memorial describing how and why the flood occurred. The hand flicks through the book and the title `The Thought of the Poets' is visible. The pages are water stained and falling out.

Title-Allan Kaye's Grandson Mr James F. Kaye with the lifesaving drawer.

A man walks into a room, goes over to a chest of drawers and opens and closes the bottom drawer. Following this are close up shots of sentences from books. One of them says that Allan Kaye was only a little boy during the flood and was saved by getting into a drawer and floating on the water.

There are shots of sheet music for a song titled `Holmfirth Flood' and a man sings the song.

Title-Soloist...John Rowland.
Accompanist...Harold Heely.

There is a leaflet advertising a concert in the Town Hall on the day that the flood occurred and then there are shots of the songs listed inside. A man begins to sing one of the songs listed in the book and then there is a shot of a man sitting in a room singing a song.

Title-Soloist...Arthur Howard

Title-Filmed and produced by K.M. Lockwood.


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