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YFA 6285



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This is one of a large collection of films created by the Photographic Unit of the Chief Civil Engineer of the LNER in York, and his successors on British Railways. This film records the relaying of track at Eaglescliffe and the dismantling of old rail track at Geneva Yard with the aid of a rail-mounted steam crane.

Title: Relaying Track at Eaglescliffe

Rail track is winched from its old position guided by a gang of rail workers who relay the sections using levers, and supervised by engineers, one in a knickerbocker suit.The steam crane is mounted on a rail freight truck, which is shunted along the track as each section is laid. Various shots record the work in progress.

Title: Dismantling Old Track at Geneva Yard

Men and steam crane dismantle the old rail track. One worker brands the sleepers with paint. The steam crane hoists the old track into rail wagons.