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YFA 2740



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This brief film is part of a collection that records a family from York's trips to the coast and countryside around North Yorkshire. The films were all shot by the Lord Mayor of York's son and are a child's view of these days before World War Two.

The film opens with a few brief shots of two young girls climbing up on walls in a park which is most likely in Whitby. Then there is a close-up of a man in a trilby and a woman in a smart dress; they sit in deckchairs on a beach and wave to the camera.

The camera then fades to a circle before moving on to one of the little girls playing in the sand. The camera pulls back to show others having fun in the sea behind her. The film ends with a static shot of mother and daughter walking hand in hand along the sandy beach.

This is followed by a brief shot of a woman in a bathing costume walking into the sea with two young girls; a young boy paddles in after them while holding his trousers up. An iris effect closes this scene.