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This amateur drama follows the transformation from wimp to He-Man of a pampered, upper-class son, whose character-building vacation on the Tyneside coast is cut short by a violent assault. Locations include the grounds of Wentworth Castle and the Whitley Bay Spanish City fairground. This film is a Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers’ Association (ACA) production.

[Reel 1]

Title: The Regeneration of Reggie

Credit: An ACA Photoplay

Credit: Directed and Produced by Fred S. Wearmouth

Credit: Photography by Arthur G. Greaves and James Cameron

Credit: Titles and effects by Fred S. Wearmouth and G. Eric Maughan


Cast “Reggie” Fitzgerald played by Wilfred Massey with Rita Hunter as the Hon. Vera Danvers

Sir George Fitzgerald – Walter Dierick

Lady Fitzgerald – Elsie Taylor

Lord Cecil Danvers – James Cameron

Lady Danvers – Mary Maughan

Doctor Denton – John D. Andrew

Prof. Robertson – W. R. Pape

The bully – J. Lytton

‘Bunty’ Harcourt – Jack Adler

Constable – James Stewart

Butler – Roy Sturrock

Maid – Lorna Andrew

Nurse – Ethel Wilkinson

Title: The Regeneration of Reggie by Roland Park

Title: Wentworth Castle The Ancestral Home of Sir George Fitzgerald

General view of Wentworth Castle. [Dark footage]

Title: Had Today Lost Some of its Usual Serenity

A butler presents two calling cards for R. Denton MD and H. Davis Robertson MD FRPS to Sir George and Lady Fitzgerald as they relax out in the castle grounds.

Title: “It is Denton and the specialist”

The butler escorts the two guests to Sir George and Lady Fitzgerald and they greet each other.

Title: “Maltby – just tell Mr Reginald, will you.”

Title: “We are afraid, Professor, that our son’s mental condition is not as it should be.”

They discuss their son with the medical specialists.

Title: Reggie

Portrait shot of Reggie in the woods, rather childishly chasing butterflies.

Title: -He has butterflies on the brain – (not to mention bats in the belfry!)

Reggie is wandering around the garden with a giant butterfly net when the butler drags him off to his mother and father, and the two medical guests, waiting on the lawn. The young man falls to his knees and hugs his mother like a young boy.

Title: “and some tea, Maltby

The doctor attempts to examine young Reginald. He shakes his handkerchief at the young man who doesn’t respond.

Title: “A fine young man, Sir George!”

The doctor points over Reginald’s shoulder.

Title: Look! – a butterfly.”

The boy races off with his net and sinks into the muddy edge of a pond in the castle grounds. His mother and the butler rush over to pick him up. He complains like a child about his muddy hands. The butler walks him back to the house, and checking he’s not seen, gives the young man a good shake in frustration.

Back on the lawn, the specialists offer their diagnosis.

Title: “Your son is merely spoilt, - send him out into the world.”

Reggie returns, cleaned up, and sits down with the group on the lawn.

Title: “Well, Reginald, I have decided that you need a holiday.”

Title: “Can I take Mum?”

Reginald opens up his arms towards his mother.

Title: “No! – and furthermore we shall not communicate with you for some time – “

Title: You must learn to be self-reliant.”

The young man looks despondent.

Title: At Torrington Towers, - a neighbouring estate -

A couple are deep in conversation inside the entrance hall of a grand mansion.

Title: Lord and Lady Danvers are also worried

The couple continue the conversation outside, Lady Danvers, in a fur-trimmed coat. They are concerned about their daughter’s would-be suitor.

Title: “Young Harcourt has just crossed the lawn, Cecil, - he is upsetting Vera and it must stop.”

They continue to watch from the portico of the grand house.

Title: Let us now introduce Vera, Reggie’s dearest friend

Vera is seated outside beside an ivy-clad stone wall. She smiles across at her friend.

Title: To whom he goes in his trouble and to say ‘goodbye’.

Reginald strides through the grounds of the neighbouring family, picking flowers as he goes.

Title: Vera meanwhile is being worried by the attentions of ‘Bunty’ Harcourt

Bunty Harcourt seems to be rather aggressive in persuading Vera of his affection for her. Reggie wanders up with the flowers, slamming them into the hands of Bunty, and tries to grab Vera’s shoulder. Bunty pushes him over. Vera turns towards him.

Title: “That was quite unnecessary – please go!”

Bunty throws the flowers at Reggie and storms away. Vera gets down with Reggie in the grass. They laugh together.

Title: “I – I’m going away Vera.”

He explains to Vera about the trip. Vera gently consoles him.

Title: And all by myself too

She pats his shoulder. Reggie helps her up, the wild flowers in her hand. He starts to leave, hesitates and turns back to speak, but instead continues on his way home. Vera looks down at the flowers sadly as he walks away through the trees.

Vera sits with her mother in the garden, looking very grumpy.

Title: I saw Harcourt looking for you today. Vera – you must not encourage him dear.”

She responds that she doesn’t.

Title: “You must run over and say ‘good-bye’ to Reggie.”

Vera perks up a little.

Title: And so begins his great adventure

A car pulls up outside Wentworth Castle to pick up Reggie. The butler puts his suitcase in the back seat. Reggie says goodbye to Vera.

Title: When just the art of being kind is all this sad world needs”

Vera and Reginald hug. Reggie gets into the back seat, his mother fussing over him. The car drives off.

[Reel 2]

Title: Southpool

Overhead shot of an open air pool on the seafront, possibly at Table Rock, Whitley Bay, (?). People promenade beside a boating pool at Whitley Bay’s Spanish City.

Title: Where the Sun Shines and Your Bank Balance Declines

Ladies lunch overlooking the war memorial on The Links, Whitley Bay, probably seated in the Empress Ballroom on the seafront.

Title: And one sees many things of interest!

A back shot of a row of young women in nylons and knee length skirts, leaning over the wall of the Spanish City roof top terrace in Whitley Bay. Women stroll around the terrace in the breeze.

Title: The “He-Man” in the making decides to see life

Reggie takes a ride on the children’s carousel at the Spanish City fairground, the only adult. In the background, there are various stalls such as the American Pick-A-ball, and a stall selling Harrogate Maynard’s Cream Toffee. Reggie gets scared on a fairground ride and keeps trying to grab the girl seated next to him, much to her annoyance.

Title: A chip of the old block – his ancestors were buccaneers

Reggie then takes a ride in a self-paddle boat, getting in the way of another bowler-hatted gent who is having difficulty. Next, Reggie is flat on his back sliding down the Helter-Skelter.

Title: Obviously “A Fool and his Money”, he is closely watched.

Outside on the promenade, Reggie pulls out his wallet to buy a Bertorelli ice cream from a vendor, sneakily watched by a shifty ne'er-do-well following him. Close-up of Reggie’s wallet stuffed with tempting bank notes.

Title: And one day

As Reggie strolls down a country road alone, he is attacked from behind with a crowbar by the crook, who knocks him down and steals his wallet. Reggie is left for dead beside the road. Luckily a man stops his car and checks him, sees he has been injured and drags him into his car. The thief, meanwhile, looks through the wallet happily, hiding nearby in the bushes. Then, he finds an Identity card in the wallet, and looks surprised.

Title: “Blimey! My old skipper’s son.”

The man who rescued Reggie returns with a policeman and shows him where he found the unfortunate young man.

Title: That night

The thief is seated with a constable at the local police station, having handed himself in.

Title: Is it sudden terror – unerring instinct – or remorse which makes a man relent

The police constable is on the telephone to Sir George Fitzgerald, Reggie’s father, explaining about the attacker’s confession.

Title: “You say this man has confessed?”

The telephone conversation continues.

Title: “anyhow, I must hold him meantime – how is Mr. Reginald?”

Sir Fitzgerald reports on Reggie’s condition.

Title: “Blood transfusion necessary you say, to save his life? I’m so – excuse me a moment”

The thief is suddenly quite animated.

Title: “Are you there, Sir George? – this fellow offers himself for the operation.”

Reggie’s father responds.

Title: “Bless my soul! I must see the doctor.”

After some discussion, both men end the conversation. Vera checks in with Sir George in his office to find out the news about Reggie.

Title: “I came over to ask about Reggie.”

Sir George tells Vera the news. Later, he and the doctor smoke a cigarette together.

Title: “and you will examine this man, Doctor?”

The doctor agrees. Close-up of the sign for “Elm Lodge Nursing Home”. Exterior shot of the building. Inside, the doctor and a young nurse are examining the thief as he sits in the same bed in which Reggie, his head bandaged, is laying.

Title: “Nurse, just tell the surgeon we are ready.”

Title: Some time later

A nurse helps the post-op Reggie to a chair outside the nursing home, next to the thief who has helped to save his life. Reggie is in his dressing gown and still has a bandaged head. The men talk.

Title: “You need have no regrets old man – I-I’m glad Dad fixed it with the police.”

Title: “You are coming to the Castle to work, aren’t you?”

Reggie has forgiven his attacker and places a hand on the man’s arm as they sit together. Back at the Danvers’ residence, Vera is reading his letter, clutching it to her heart and smiling.

Title: The result of a new determination and the fighting blood.

Reggie is getting fit, wrapped in a scarf, and trying to exercise on a rowing machine. A trainer is now employed to help him with his exercises.

Title: His tutor was so hard he used picric acid as a mouthwash.

The trainer helps Reggie into a rhythm on the rowing machine, so much so that he pulls him right off. He now oversees Reggie’s skipping exercise.

Title: “How long does this go on?”

Title: “Two hours a day.”

His new tutor flings a towel at Reggie, and they tussle playfully. Next, Reggie is in boxing gloves. The two spa together and Reggie is quite good, aiming a blow at his tutor’s head. The tutor rubs his face.

Title: “Boy – that was a ‘dandy’ and a credit to you!”

He rubs his sore jaw and praises Reggie.

Title: The return of a new and different Reggie

Back at the Wentworth Castle, Reggie arrives home, jumps out of the car and shakes his butler’s hand. He greets him so hard, the butler is taken aback by the young man’s strength. He greets his mother and father. He shakes hands with the butler so hard, the man’s hand hurts.

Meanwhile, the reformed criminal wanders down a road on his way towards Wentworth Castle, stopping a man in a Knickerbocker suit for directions. The man points to the entrance gates.

Title: “Wentworth Castle? - that’s one of the gates ahead.”

The man thanks him and continues on towards the gates. Back in the grounds of Wentworth Castle, Reggie introduces his attacker to Matthew, the gardener, as the two will be working together.

Title: “Well, Matthew, this is the man Dad spoke about.”

Matthew walks off arm in arm with the reformed thief. Reggie runs to greet his best friend, Vera, who is thrilled to see him again. They hold each other, but Vera’s troublesome would-be suitor ‘Bunty’ Harcourt appears suddenly. This time Reggie sees off the bullying man and Vera is delighted. The reformed thief and old gardener are now working together, when they spy Vera and Reggie, arm in arm, walking through the bushes. Vera sits down on the grass. A new man, Reggie now gets down on one knee to Vera.

Indoors, Reggie tries out his new style. He takes out a pipe from his pocket, which amuses Vera.

Title: “My hat – a pipe!”

He then picks up Vera romantically as if carrying her over the threshold.

As Vera is now combing her hair, he lights a cigarette and holds out the match for her to blow out.

Title: “Did my letters convey anything to you Vera?”

He finally tells her he loves her, takes her in his arms and kisses her.

Title: “The sudden silence and reserve when near. The eye that glistens with an unshed tear. Thus doth love speak.”

Seated together on a sofa (filmed from the back) in the dim light, Reggie holds Vera close to him as he smokes a cigarette. They snuggle up contentedly.

Title: The End

Note: This was the first production on which members of the Newcastle & District ACA worked after their formation in 1927, although earlier films exist filmed by individual members.