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NEFA 19409



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Industrial sponsored film by Turners, Newcastle upon Tyne, that records the last hand rolling shift for workers inside the heavy steel plate rolling mill of Redheugh Iron and Steel Company in Gateshead. 

Title: Redheugh Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Teams, Gateshead

Title: The End of Hand Rolling in the Rolling Mill Easter 1969

Workers at the heavy steel plate rolling mill of Redheugh Iron and Steel Company in Gateshead manually manoevre red hot steel sheets from one rolling machine to another using a trolley on wheels, and long handles brooms and tools. The machines and production line are not fully automated for this dangerous and arduous process. 

[The heavy plate rolling mill in Gateshead, UK dates back to the former Redheugh Iron and Steel Co founded in 1918. The company rolled plates and sheet and provided welding, steel constructions and engineering. Redheugh Co employed more than 800 people in the 1960s. In 1970 the company was taken over by Spartan Steel & Alloys from Sheffield. In 1975 a new 2,1 meter heavy plate rolling stand was installed. Spartan Redheugh was absorbed by the Firth holding company in 1988. In 2001 the Gruppo Malacalza of Italy bought the plant and sold it again in 2008 to the Metinvest group from the Ukraine.]