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NEFA 21616



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An amateur film made by Betty Cook showing the presentation of a new standard to the 608 Squadron taking place a Middleton St. George RAF Station on the 1st November 1959. The standard is now on display at York Minster.

The film opens with three men in Royal Air Force dress uniform unfurling the new 608 Squadron standard beside a number of ceremonial drums.

Flight lieutenant William Goodrum in dress uniform carrying a ceremonial sword comes forward and sheaths his weapon. He kneels, picks up the standard and walks away across the runway past a military jet aircraft towards a platoon of men standing to attention nearby.

The platoon begins to march towards and then past a crowd of civilians who are standing beside an aircraft hangar. The film ends with Squadron Leader Henry 'Hank' David Costain looking at the camera, a number of medals are attached to his blazer.