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YFA 4072



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This film documents the construction taking place in order to rebuild the BP Chemicals Sports and Social Club at its Hull site. Construction took place over a period of time from 1978-1979. Included in the film are images of the building at various stages of completeness as well as the footage from the opening ceremony and banquet.

The film opens with a building structure frame. A cement mixer can be seen on the construction site, and there is a large, green playing field next to the site as well. Workmen continue to build on the sunny day, and one man can be seen as he climbs up a ladder.

At another time during the year, the cameraman continues to record the building progress. More of the building brickwork is being completed, and one of the workmen checks the wall with a spirit level. Huge piles of bricks are stacked near site, and one of the workmen uses a wheelbarrow to transport the stock to the bricklayers. A BP flag can also be seen on site.

Later on in the year, building has further progressed, and there is a construction worker operating a forklift. There is a banner hanging up which reads "Hull Site Golden Jubilee" and includes the BP logos. There is a long line of people waiting to get in, many of which look like families who have turned out for the day's event. Huge, white tents have been set up in the adjacent field, and activities include rides for the children on the model railway train.

The outside of the building has been completed, and there is a spiral staircase on the outside corner. It is made of cement and leads up to the rooftop. One of the men lays a cement slab for the entrance to the building, and another climbs a ladder to check the integrity of the outside walls.

More men are at work on the interior of the building. They cover seating booths with leather upholstery which is made to measure. One of the men sits at a sewing machine and puts the finishing touches on some of the upholstery. Some of the executives are given a tour of the facilities under construction. They are accompanied by the Foreman through the nearly finished building. They are all dressed in contemporary 70s fashions.

The construction has finally been complete, and it is time for the opening ceremonies. A man gives a speech at the dedication of the building, and a woman unveils a plaque. The crowd applauds, and she is also given a bouquet of yellow flowers. This is followed by more speeches and presentations.

The badminton facilities of the sports centre are shown off, and two men play a few sets. In the banquet facilities, a nice spread has been laid out for the event including lunch meats and deli trays, cakes, and desserts. They have all been laid out on a long table. There are shots of the catering staff including two chefs in their full uniform and the wait staff. The film closes with shots of all the party-goers sitting at tables and enjoying the meal.