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YFA 1948



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Made by Bradford University, this is a film about life at university.  It features students themselves talking of what they consider to be the advantages of studying at Bradford.

The film opens showing crest of the University followed by a view over countryside.

Title – The Real Thing
Intertitle - Integrated Courses at the University of Bradford

A student walks across the rocks on the moors, followed by showing a selection of university prospectuses.  The narrator, student Bill Taylor, poses the question of how to choose the right course.  Another student explains what an integrated course is.  Bill Taylor discusses the merits of Bradford University in the library with his tutor.  He is then seen working in a brewery - Mitchells & Butlers – where he takes notes on the delivery of bulk beer, as large canisters of Bass Charrington are loaded with a fork lift truck onto a lorry.  Back at the University he works at a desk, and then interviews another student, David Robinson about his experience.

The next student describes his work on telephone circuits at a Marconi factory.  He solders a circuit board and uses equipment in a laboratory. He discusses diagrams with a colleague and gives an account of the advantages of work experience and the life skills he has learned.

Another student, David Saunders, in his final year in engineering, talks of his experience as he stands in front of the main building.  There are views of the University and of Bradford city centre as the student extolls the virtues of Bradford.  Pedestrians walk around the new shopping centres.  He states that Bradford has “a much more politically responsible students’ union”, which he puts down to the fact that they are situated in the centre of the city.  A female student dances with Asian children on a derelict site. This is the Play Space scheme which organises children’s activities. We see Afro-Caribbean and Asian children on home-made swings and climbing frames, with the students.
Then we move to see students working on the student newspaper, 'The Javelin', with a poster for the Great Western Express Festival at Lincoln in 1972 on the wall.  The editorial team are at work putting the newspaper together.

The film switches to show a student on placement at a British Railways sidings with trains going passed. Next he is in a laboratory with electronic equipment. A female student, Sarah Turtle, discusses her language course and we see her with headphones doing an oral test and looking at a map showing her placement in Bilbao.

The final student, Jackie Newbold, a third year, talks of the advantages of working alongside non-students.  We then see a group of students in a lounge smoking and chatting, and then another group in a seminar.   Here they watch a series of slides.  As the language students talk of the good things about studying at Bradford, she operates a reel-to-reel tape player in a language booth.  There is a sign for Revis Barber Hall, with a view over tennis courts and a football pitch, and of a large building behind them.  As she talks of the importance of being in an industrial city, a bale of wool is hoisted into a mill and we see the wool being processed.  There are shots of the Cathedral and City Hall, before moving onto the moors, where sheep are being shepherded.  The film ends in a classroom.

The End
Produced with the help of students and staff of the University
Direction sand Photography Robin Moss, Barrie Rawlinson
Audio-Visual Unit University of Bradford
End Credits