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YFA 2204



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Made by Kenneth Raynor, this is a film which features the people and places in the South Yorkshire village of Swallownest.  It includes scenes of the surrounding countryside as well as provides a good example of wartime Christmas celebrations.

Title:  ‘Spring Sunshine Abounding’  

The film begins with wintry trees set against a darkening, cloudy sky.  Next people walk down a village street with rows of terraces, and a dog sits on the steps of a house.  The tops of houses are shown and followed by a shot of a bridge over the river.
Intertitle:  ‘Babies Versus Tennis’  

Two babies are in their prams, and some men and women are sitting in deck chairs watching a tennis match.  Then some people are out on the streets cycling.

Intertitle:  ‘Youth In Decline.  Unarmed - risking his life your intrepid reporter gets exclusive shots of the much-discussed topic – modern youth’ 

Following this intertitle are many posed shots of the head and shoulders of different young people, children, and some young adults.  There are also some more people playing tennis. 
Intertitle:  ‘Photographic Evidence or Who Wunnit’ 

There is a short section of a race.

Intertitle:  ‘Harvest Time’  

Hay is in piles in a field, and two men work a harvesting machine whilst a woman sits looking across the countryside.

Intertitle:  ‘Clouds and Sunsets’ 

There is a moody sky with strong contrasts between the light and dark clouds.  This is followed by a sunset and its effect on the skyline.

Intertitle:  ‘I’m Herbste . . .’ 

A man sweeps up the leaves from a street and shovels them onto a cart being pulled by a horse.  A small boy and girl run down an alley holding hands.

Intertitle:  ‘The vile purposes of man’ 

Two geese.

Intertitle:  ‘Christmas Moonlight.  Wesley Guild Christmas Special.’ 

A large number of people are having a party playing various games and having tea and coffee.  Among the games is a conga.  Couples dance around in a circle gradually speeding up.  This ends with one seated and the other standing behind giving the seated person a kiss.  Another round begins with people sitting on the chairs in a circle whilst the rest run around before falling onto someone’s lap.  The film finishes.

End title: J K Raynor Films