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YFA 588



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This is from the Ray Illingworth Collection of family holiday films. This shows the family at home, in Scarborough and on holiday in Tenerife.

The film begins with people playing cricket and football on the beach of the South Bay at Scarborough, with the lighthouse on the South Quay in the background. Ray Illingworth's daughter, in a blue and white striped top, takes a donkey ride accompanied by her mother, Shirley, overlooked by the Grand Hotel. Mother and daughter sit in deckchairs for the camera, and then Ray replaces his wife who films him with his daughter. He then films the two of them in close up. Back at their home, Shirley is holding a baby girl in their back garden, and also at the front door with a pram. The baby is then held by another woman in the garden. They are joined by Illingworth's daughter, who rides a bicycle.

The film then switches to an airport, with an airplane taking off, and then to a hotel swimming pool, with holidaymakers, possibly cricketers and their families, sunning themselves. A group of men go down a slide into the pool. On a beach holidaymakers are sunbathing in deckchairs, including Ray Illingworth. A group walk along the rocks near the sun in their swimwear, also with cine cameras. Back at the pool, Ray Illingworth, along with others, goes down the slide and dives in from the springboard.

In the town, several scooters are parked in front of a caf?, the 'Stop Bar'. The area around the hotel is filmed, with ocean going liners moored next to local fishing boats. Ray Illingworth rides up on a scooter, with his wife, Shirley, on the back. At the hotel guests are sat out in the sun and larking about in the swimming pool. The holidaymakers then board and bus and then the airplane home, including Freddie Trueman, smoking his pipe.