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YFA 587



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This is from the Ray Illingworth Collection of family holiday films. This shows the family on holiday in Sardinia and at home.

The film begins with holidaymakers on a beach in Sardinia. Mrs Illingworth is with her two daughters who swim in the hotel outdoor pool. Ray Illingworth gives one of his daughters a flying angel in the pool, while his wife sunbathes in a deckchair. They then survey the surrounding view from the rooftop garden of the hotel. Back at the pool one of the daughters swims using an inflatable tube (with a horse's head). A group of men dance around the pool in silly hats.

The family gather, and lark about, with others next to a coach. Again the daughters go swimming in the hotel pool, and then have a go in an inflatable dinghy. They then visit a market, and film some of the local children. Back at the coach someone films Ray Illingworth filming. He then films a plane, 'Dan Air London', landing at the airport and his family boarding. Other passengers wave to the camera. Back at home his wife and two daughters pose for the camera in the garden. Parked outside is a new gold colour Ford Capri. The film finishes with a school netball game.