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YFA 530



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This is from the Ray Illingworth Collection of family holiday films. This shows the family on holiday, possibly in Greece.

The film opens with a group of people boarding a plane, before switching to a family group sitting around an outdoor swimming pool. A boy is having inflatable arm bands put on. The swimming pool and hotel are situated on the coast near a beach. A group of women stand by the pool ready for a competition, and then a group of men play with a ball in the pool. Ray Illingworth joins them by jumping in and heading the ball at the same time. The children take it in turns to go down a slide into the pool. Later a small group go onto the sea in a small peddle catamaran, while others sit on the beach under a large parasol. A small boy swims in the hotel pool wearing an inflatable tube. Holidaymakers sit in the hotel's outside caf?; others are down on the beach and swimming in the sea. Back at the pool there is a beauty contest and fun and games.

Ray Illingworth's daughter plays in the sand, and he then goes out onto the sea on a peddle catamaran with his wife and daughter. They then visit a small fishing village. Ray Illingworth plays with a small boy in the swimming pool, along with his daughter. He then plays crazy golf with his wife and daughter. Holidaymakers gather around a minibus waiting to go on a tour, followed by the airport and the film comes to an end.