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YFA 431



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This is from the Ray Illingworth Collection of family holiday films. This shows the family on holiday in Spain.

The film opens on a group of holidaymakers sunbathing on a beach, overlooked by a round shaped hotel. A man in green trunks plays in the sea with a dinghy and two girls, possibly Ray Illingworth's daughters. The film switches to a town centre with shops and traffic, again with the two girls. A mountain range rises above the town. One of the girls poses for the camera on the balcony of one of the new hotels overlooking the beach and sea. There is more sunbathing down by the hotel swimming pool, surrounded by an area of green grass. The holidaymakers go for a walk around the shops near the hotel.

The film switches to a group of youngsters waiting to board a coach with their parents. Then a group are sitting on a wall in front of a sign, 'Prohibido Aparcar', before they swim in the hotel pool. The holidaymakers walk along the sea front by the shops. They then do more sunbathing on the balcony of their hotel. A young couple wearing flairs walk around near the hotel. The many new hotel blocks in the resort are shown. Again they visit the shops in the town centre and do more sunbathing and swimming in the hotel pool. They wander around a local market. Ray Illingworth appears on a balcony with his wife, looking at the views. They watch planes taking off from an airport, before doing more sunbathing in deckchairs, applying suntan lotion. The holiday resort and area are filmed from up high, and then from the ground, and the film comes to an end.