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YFA 414



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This is from the Ray Illingworth Collection of family holiday films. This shows the family on holiday in Greece and the Isle of Wight, and a benefit cricket match at Leicestershire County Cricket Ground for benefactor T. L. Bennett.

The film begins showing a journey along a section of the Greek coast taken from a boat packed with holidaymakers sunning themselves on the deck. They arrive at a fishing village, where some take donkey rides and others sit at outside cafes. Ray Illingworth poses next to a ship, followed by one of his daughters. They continue their journey along the coast and arrive at a beach, where some go for a swim. They sunbathe beside a hotel pool. A group of holidaymakers have a game of volleyball. The film switches to a group of young men larking about next to a coach, and then another group having a sing song clapping hands.

The film switches again to Ray Illingworth's two daughters in a garden, one of them sunbathing, the other riding a cycle. Then onto Leicestershire County cricket ground for a benefit match for T. L. Bennett. An elderly couple pose for the camera. Others gather by the member's enclosure next to a marquee. Some spectators sun themselves on a balcony watching the match.

The film moves to show a view of the coast on the Isle of Wight and the surrounding view from the Tennyson Monument. The two daughters pose near the boats moored at Yarmouth, which is filmed as they leave it on a boat, passing the ferry from the mainland. There is a detached house on a main road, with a Jaguar parked outside, possibly the family home. The Jaguar is next parked by a coastal road with the two daughters. The family visit a beach and a park, before being by the sea at Cowes, with sailing ships out to sea.

They move to another fishing village, where the daughters swim in a hotel swimming pool. They then visit a zoo. The film switches briefly to back home in winter where a group of children are playing snowballs. It returns to their holiday and a picnic by the sea near an old red and white striped lighthouse. They go out on a rowing boat, and the children play in the sand, before the film comes to an end.