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YFA 470



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This is from the Ray Illingworth Collection of family holiday films. This shows the family at home and film of a Yorkshire County cricket match at Scarborough, with Fred Trueman and Brian Close.

The film begins in Ray Illingworth's back garden, where his daughter, in a blue and white jumper, is playing with several other children. Another, slightly older, girl, in a green top, sits her sister on her knee whilst sat on a tricycle. A boy rides around on another tricycle. Two women, one Mrs Illingworth, come out and play with the children. The film shows the nearby view over some fields. The girl in a green top plays with a pram. A car is parked outside, and we see the street and nearby town. Ray Illingworth appears and holds one of his daughters, and then plays football with the children. One of the women poses for the camera.

The film switches to the old Pavilion at Old Trafford Cricket Ground with the Yorkshire Cricket team on a balcony, with Fred Trueman, in a suit, playfully sticking two fingers up at the camera, and Brian Close in the foreground in his cricket kit. The film shows some of the match, although it cannot be determined what match it is.

The film switches back to the family home, where Mrs Illingworth, Shirley, sits in a deckchair reading a newspaper in the sun. Shirley gets up and plays with her daughter. Ray Illingworth joins them in his shorts to sunbathe, and carries his daughter around the garden. A small girl pushes a toy dog on wheels around, accompanied by her mother. Ray Illingworth, now fully dressed, returns to play with his daughter.

They are joined by an older woman, and later another woman with a baby in a playpen. His daughter rides up and down the house pathway on a cycle. Parked in the driveway is a new Ford Zodiac Mark III. The baby is then sitting in a pram in the garden. She is then sitting on the lawn in the neighbour's front garden with another girl, with her mother and neighbour sitting in the porch.

The film switches again back to another cricket match, showing several overs from behind the bowler's shoulder. There is then a view over Scarborough South Bay, looking down onto the beach and harbour. On the beach Ray Illingworth puts his daughter onto a donkey ride.

The film switches again to a group of cricketers, including Brian Close, boarding a plane, being seen off by their wives. Back at the family home the daughters are playing in a pile of sand being used by some builders. This time one of the daughters is playing next to a Zodiac parked in the driveway of the house. They are being visited by grandparents, as the two daughters continue to play. The eldest one puts on a nurse's uniform and plays in the street, and the film comes to an end.