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This is a compilation of four films spanning several years, made by Halifax Cine Club member Ted Warburton.  It includes Hollingworth Lake, a trip along the Knottingley and Goole Canal and the Aire and Calder Navigation from Goole to Salterhebble, the Warburton family having a picnic at Semer Water, and a whimsical short film starring Peter Warburton on which came first, the chicken or the egg.

Title – Random Memories Reel Two
Title – Photographed and Produced by J E Warburton

Intertitle – Shots of Hollingworth Lake salvaged from a badly loaded film

(Col.)  Lots of small sailing boats are out on the Lake, and there is a close up of one of the boats.

Intertitle – On 31st May 1960, with a 5.30am start, I crewed for Tom Lealand, bringing Sharko from Goole to Salterhebble by canal.

Several boats are moored outside of Smith Bros Boat Builders.  A man is pulling up the tyre buffers of one of the boats, Sharko.  Two more men arrive, one carrying an urn, and they set off on the boat.  They pass a three-way sign for Doncaster 11 ½ miles, Goole 7 miles, Leeds 26 miles. 

Continuing along the canal they pass several cranes loading barges, and one putting in place timber supports to the bank.  A map shows the course of the canal. They pass a large barge called Burtondale-H and some sidings where small railway carriages come right up to the side of the canal. 

They pass another barge, the Marjory, of Hull, with the crew watching them, and several more barges, including one called Borrowdale.  Next, they go past a power station with three cooling towers where a barge, ‘Hargreaves’, carrying coal is being unloaded by an overhead crane.  A tug boat pulling a long line of barges carrying coal passes by – the compartment boat system (also known as 'Tom Puddings' or 'pans').  A bridge over the canal is in the process of construction.  They go through a lock and under a bridge as they approach a town.

Intertitle – The subject of the club’s “shortie film” was Design.  My intentions were good – but alas, it remains an unfinished symphony in black and white.

(B&W)  This section of the film begins by showing a moody sky as the sun goes down.  It then looks up at the steel structure of a building under construction, an extension to Elland Grammar School (Brooksbank), viewed from various angles.  This is followed by showing the timber frame of the roof, and then a look up at a newly constructed electricity pylon, again both shown from various interesting angles.  In the distance can be seen the construction of a new power station.

Intertitle – A picnic to Semer Water one glorious Sunday in August 1958

(Col.)  A group of adults stand at the edge of the lake next to their cars, with some children swimming and paddling in the water.  They get out their picnic baskets and blankets, which they lay out on the grass in between the parked cars.  They pour out tea from a flask.  Meanwhile the children follow a small model boat as it makes its way along a river towards a stone bridge.  They rescue the boat and join the others having their picnic.  They look out onto the surrounding hills before setting off for home.

Intertitle – Still a sucker for punishment, I tried to film the coronation from a TV tube!

Parts of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II are filmed from a flickering TV screen, with the Queen passing in her carriage, and up on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Intertitle – And finally, a light hearted frolic which gave us great fun to make

Title – ‘Which came first?’  Produced and Photographed by J E Warburton

(B&W)  Mrs Warburton, in the kitchen, calls out for “Peter”, and, when he appears, “fetch me an egg”, which he does.  Only he drops in onto the floor where it breaks.  But the film is then run backwards for the egg to become whole again. His mother breaks it into a frying pan, after which Peter says, “I want it boiled”.  The film is again re-wound, and his mother puts it instead into a pan of boiling water.

Intertitle – Which came first?

Peter opens his boiled egg with a spoon and eats it with tea and toast.  He then opens a chocolate Easter egg which has two small live chicks in it, which Peter strokes.

Intertitle – Which came first?

Title – The End