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YFA 3137



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This holiday film by Betty and Cyril Ramsden captures some of the smaller towns in Norfolk as well as the couple's leisure time on the Broads. The Ramsdens were semi-professional filmmakers and members of the Leeds Cine Circle.

Title-Knocking about Norfolk

Title-Wymondham, pronounced Windham.

The film opens with shots of a quaint market town. There is a Tudor-style tower in the middle of the town, and Betty walks up the steps. Cyril walks into a chemist and when he comes out he wipes his face and applies some `Sultan' sun cream. He walks in to Barclays Bank, comes out and heads into the `White Hart Hotel'. When he leaves he wipes his mouth as if he was eating or drinking. Betty stops to buy some postcards at a tourist shop; it has a picture of the village street on the front, she writes on the back and posts it. There is a shot of another Tudor-style pub which Cyril walks straight into and out of again, when he exits, he wipes his mouth.

Title-Norfolk Broads.

There is a brief shot of the back of three `larger' women walking down a road followed by footage of boats on the river.

Title-Norfolk steeped in history

There is a large cathedral with a spire, and following that, Betty walks down a narrow street.

Title-Norfolk Industries

In the countryside, a combine harvester is being used in a large field. A close up of a machine shows it was made by Allmet Ltd Leeds. The wheat is tipped into a machine and moves along a conveyor belt. There is a sign which reads `The Briton Brush Coy Ltd'.

Next, two men cut down trees in woodland, and then the wood is divided out in a timber yard and stacked up. Betty examines the tree rings, and a man uses an electric saw to cut the logs and some of the wood is stripped of bark.

In another section of the factory a man drill holes in to brush heads and then they move on to have bristles but into the heads. The film closes in a workshop where dustpan brushes are made. The spikes are fixed into the colourful wooden handles that are then hung up on hooks across the workshop.

Title-The End