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YFA 4874



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This is a film made by Mexborough Technical College teacher George Spurr of school trips rambling in the countryside in Derbyshire.

The film begins with a mixed group of adults and teenagers sitting on a grassy ridge overlooking a valley.  Here they sit and eat sandwiches.  A group of adults have a look at a map, while some school girls consult a notebook.  Then, wearing their rucksacks, they go on walking down the hill.  They stand on top of a rocky ridge on a blustery day overlooking a road.  One of the girls has her school uniform on.  They sit on the pavement outside a small shop taking refreshment.  They are then seen again out on the moors having a break, with some of the teenage girls larking about.  Some go for a paddle in a small stream.  

They students are seated in a Railway Station waiting room where they have tea and sandwiches before heading off along a village road.  Again they rest up on a hill, and several point their cameras at the cine camera.  They gather their things and proceed on their walk.  Some of the boys show off doing press ups and headstands when they again take a rest at the top of a hill where there is a small monument.  They then make their way back down, crossing over a wall and along a road with steep hills on both sides.  They stop in a wooded area where one boy climbs along a tree branch.  With the sun out, the teenagers lounge on the grass eating snacks.  Now getting weary, the ramblers make their way up another hill, and scramble among the rocks at the top.  Some paddle and lark about in a mountain stream.  One boy makes himself a raft out of a couple of planks of wood.