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NEFA 17540



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A compilation of films recording school sports and drama activities at Ralph Gardner High School, North Shields, in the 1950s.

The opening section of the film features highlights from the 1951 England v Wales Under 15s rugby match at Cardiff Arms Park (14/04/1951), refereed by Jack Spark, headmaster of Ralph Gardner High School and England Schoolboys Rugby selector.

Title: A Sleeper in 15 Minutes

An outdoor performance of King of Sherwood, a school operetta, is underway (1952).

[The next section is too dark to properly make out events, but is – according to Trade Films’ notes – footage of the presentation of the Thomas Haswell Memorial Medal.]

Very brief sequence of an industrial riverside, possibly Tyneside, before the next section begins.

Schoolgirls shuffle around a school hall at an exhibition of pupils’ handicrafts. A teacher lights a Bunsen burner with a match.

On Empire Day, the Union Flag is raised to the top of a flag pole, and groups of children participate in gymnastics and folk dancing demonstrations.

Rabbits and their young sit on the grass and are stroked by some of the boys.

Boys and equipment are loaded into a truck as they leave for the annual camp.

The next scene offers a panoramic view over the outdoor Tynemouth Swimming Pool as boys participate in the Tynemouth School Swimming Gala. Races and diving. One boy has won a silver trophy. Front crawl and breaststroke. Trophies and shields are awarded to the winners.

Lastly, at a school sports day, boys compete in a javelin event, finish a sprint race, and heave in a tug o’ war.