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NEFA 20659



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Made by local student filmmakers David Eadington, Bryan Byrne and Roger Schindler, this film looks at the early days of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, the heritage railway that now runs from Grosmont to Pickering in North Yorkshire. Starting with a black and white sequence, volunteers prepare track and engines, the film moves to colour with an account of a fully functioning passenger railway.

[black and white]

The film opens with general views of a deserted railway platform and track. A voiceover explains the history of the demise of the passenger service. General views show a steam engine with the smoke box door open, probably awaiting repair.

Title: Railway...

Credit: by Brian Byrne, Roger Schindler, David Eadington

Men work on engine repairs. The voiceover outlines the story behind the revival of the railway.

Volunteer workmen do a number of tasks on the railway track while repairing the line. A folksong accompanies this section.


This sequence opens with general views of a fully operating station at Goathland. Volunteers at Grosmont wash carriages down, and engines are polished. The voice over explains how popular interest helped in the reopening of the line.

An engine is cleaned as it waits in full steam. Two workers level the coal in the tender prior to departure. General views show the engine partially obscured by steam. The boiler pressure and water levels are checked. The engine reverses to link up with a carriage. Passengers get onto the train, while enthusiasts film or take photo's from the platform. The train moves off. Passengers enjoy the ride while the fireman works hard stoking the boiler. 

The train emerges from Grosmont tunnel. The engine progresses through the dale to Pickering. Another song accompanies this sequence.

Footage follows of a signalman at work in a signal box. We see close-ups of the driver’s cab of engine number 5428 (London Midland & Scottish Railway No. 5428 45428 'Eric Treacy' 4-6-0). Another engine steams towards the camera, with a full train. Passengers get off the train. Volunteers clean the carriages and others attend to the engines at the end of a busy day

End credits: Cumulus Films, David Eadington, Brian Byrne and Roger Schindler.