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YFA 63



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This is a whimsical film from the Noel Beardsell Collection, creating an imagined land by interspersing a model railway with the real thing.

Intertitle – Child or grown up – girl or boy – we treat the railway as our toy, every time we see a train we each become a child again.  We love the station's stir and noise, we're living in a world of toys.

The Flying Scotsman pulls into a station, with passengers and newspaper sellers waiting for its arrival.

Intertitle – We're in the train with joy, we grin to see the big express come in

Another train, engine 2509, pulls out of a platform.

Intertitle – The whistle blows, we're off at last, oh the engine–driver, please go fast

A train pulls out of a station, and some of the journey is filmed from the train, passing locomotive 6101.

Intertitle – See, there's the radio station where they tell of toy–town on the air

The train passes Alexandra Palace in London.

Intertitle – Where on earth can toy town be? Can we find it? – wait and see.

The train continues, passing fields.

Intertitle – We read the signals like a book – and hardly need a second look.

The train passes under semaphore signals, and arrives in a station.

Intertitle – The green flag waves, the guard says "right", the platform slides away from sight

The train pulls out, continues on its journey, and passes by a signal box.

Intertitle – Now the engine's going slow, Is this toy town? Oh dear.

The train, the "Stirlingshire", arrives at a station.  Another train (264) pulls out.

Intertitle – This station doesn't seem to look like pictures from a story book.

A train (loco 4447) pulls out of a station. (Colour very faded)

Intertitle – There's a big place! Could it be toy town's "model factory"?

The train passes a large factory.

Intertitle – Hurry engine!!  Please go faster; Good–bye Mr Station–master.

The film continues on the train and shows another train in the distance.

Intertitle – That looks like a Toy Express; We're on the wrong track, I guess.

The other train, running on a parallel line, overtakes the train passing the cameraman’s vantage point.

Intertitle – Here's a largish town – but is it too large to be worth a visit?

The train arrives at a station in a town, with large gas cylinders.

Intertitle – Now at last our dream comes true; "All change here for Maryloo"

A miniature train arrives at a station, and there is a model railway yard.

Intertitle – On we go – the line is clear.  Fairyland is drawing near.

The model train goes towards Bekonscot.

Intertitle – Now at last we’re on the spot; toy–towns name is “Bekonscot".

There is a song for the model village.

Intertitle –  You think this is some big house . .

A model house is shown.

Intertitle –  . . if you are as tiny as a mouse.

More of the model village is shown.

Intertitle – But if you are the proper size . . you're bound to get a big surprise

A small girl, clutching a teddy bear, walks around the model village.

Intertitle – See the huntsmen gallop by hounds and horses in full cry.

There is a model of a horse and coach.

Intertitle – Here's the church, and here's the steeple . .

There is a model church.

Intertitle –  . . shorter than the shortest people.

A man stands behind the model church.

Intertitle – Just like Alice we stand on the edge of "Wonderland".

A group of people walk around the village.

Intertitle – If you're fond of lollipops buy them in the High St shops!

There are model shops.

Intertitle – What a playground we have here for the architect and engineer.

More of the village.

Intertitle – Pinch yourself for goodness sake! See if you are quite awake.

There is still more of the village, including the docks and airfield.

Intertitle – Throughout the tunnel home we fly.  Good–bye, Bekonscot, goodbye.  Bang, we are back to proper size, how our mighty engine flies!

A train passes underneath and again the journey is filmed before arriving, with the Flying Scotsman, in a station.

Intertitle – Home we go and think it's fine to travel on the dreamland line.