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NEFA 21919



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This is an amateur 'trainspotting' film made between 1978 and 1979 by Stephen Gray that records various British Rail diesel locomotives arriving and leaving Newcastle Central Station and York Station, plus footage of Gateshead Motive Power Depot in the snow and Boldon Colliery Station.

The first sequence consists of diesel locomotives arriving, standing or departing from Newcastle Central Station, including the Deltic D9019 (55 019) Royal Highland Fusilier, and class 31, 37 and 47 locomotives, a station class 03 shunter and various diesel multiple units, some standing on the old North Tyneside Co-op platforms (now car park spaces).

A shot of the East Bolden signal box follows. A diesel locomotive train heading for Sunderland pulls into the station.

Various shots document Gateshead Motive Power Depot in the snow. A few young lads are trainspotting there. A class 47 diesel engine slowly travels through the depot. As another train travels along the track, the Cathedral Church of St Nicholas can be seen in the distant background. A panoramic shot of Newcastle upon Tyne follows.

The 'Black Watch' locomotive travels past camera. Various class 47 and 45 diesel locomotives and multiple unit trains, including one bound for Middlesbrough, travel along tracks at Newcastle. The Castle Keep can be seen in the background of some shots. A panoramic shot of Newcastle follows, the Tyne Bridge in the background. More trains arrive and depart at Newcastle Central Station, including a class 35 diesel locomotive. A young boy runs up the platform at the station, probably a trainspotter.

Smaller stations on Tyneside lines are documented briefly.

Trainspotters stand on a platform at York Station. British Rail Class 47 and 45 diesel locomotives leave the station. Another engine shunts along the tracks.

A (BR) Class 47 diesel locomotive passes slowly. Close-up of the sign for Boldon Colliery station. People cross a pedestrian bridge over the line as a diesel engine travels along the track. General view of Boldon Colliery pithead gear. Various diesel trains arrive and depart, a city scape of tower blocks seen in the distance. A Class 37 locomotive with coal waggons travels by on the line from Tyne Dock approaching the station. 


A ship passes on the River Tyne, the Sir James Knott Memorial Flats in Tynemouth on the opposite bank, filmed from South Shields beach near the Groyne pier and lighthouse. Close-up of a Port of Tyne authority sign prohibiting fishing. A trawler heads out to sea. Some men watch traffic on the river. A small power boat comes in to moor at a jetty on the south bank of the Tyne at South Shields. A few caravans are parked up here. A trawler returns up river. Two boys fish from the concrete pier near Herd Sands.