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YFA 5794



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This film is part of a collection of mainly family films made by a G.H. Clarke, a family who lived on the outskirts of Horsforth.  The film features an electrical shop in Leeds which was owned by Fred Reynolds.  It shows customers taking their radios in for repair and includes a whimsical section with two children causing mayhem as they try to help repair the radios.  

The film begins showing the outside of an electrical shop, next door to what looks like a shop selling beauty products.  A man arrives pushing a pram from which he takes a large radio and carries it into the shop.  A notice on the door of the shop states that the repair work that they do is always prompt.  The repair man takes the radio over to his workbench.  Another man arrives in a car and takes his radio inside, and there is a close up of another notice declaring that that they always aim to get their work as near as perfect as possible.  Yet another man arrives in a car, this time bringing in an electric fan and an electric lamp.  Inside the shop the repairer screws the back onto a radio and man carries it out, seeming to be hobbling with its weight.  The repairer does some soldiering on a radio and this too is taken out by a customer, followed by another.

Someone arrives with a large contraption which has a wheel spinning inside it.  Again some repairs are made.  On the wall in the background is a notice stating: “U – can beat the U boats, save every scrap of waste paper.”  The repaired radio is placed on a desk along with others.  Outside a man places the radio back into the pram while his wife stands holding the baby.  Another man looks at the items in the window before he too takes his radio back to his car.  

A radio is loaded onto the back of a van for “Fred Reynolds Ltd., everything electrical” of 253 Dewsbury Road.  Back inside there is a room full of radios. The repairer takes one to his work bench, opens the back and replaces a valve.  There is another notice, this time referring to the work of overhauling radios.  Two men then carry another radio out to the van.  A wide variety is on display.

The next scene starts with a small boy and girl at the work bench where the radio components are.

Title – “Won’t daddy be pleased?”

They clean a radio and valves.  The boy accidently drops a radio on the floor.  He picks it back up and together they try to put it back together again, before dad arrives and puts another radio onto the work bench.  They rather over-enthusiastically clean this, knocking bits off, and then the whole thing falls to the ground and smashes.  They look down forlornly at the broken radio.  The children try to put it back together again, only making it worse.  As they sweep up the remains, an empty box for a Cossor radio falls over causing shelving with valves on to fall over.  They give up clearing up and instead mess about playing with the box, tumbling over each other.

Title – “Seriously though – if your set is faulty, or if you would like a new model – see G.H. Clarke, 81 Lady Pit Lane, Leeds 11, or ring – Leeds 75045 or Horsforth 2818.”