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YFA 5059



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This is an episode from the long running BBC Light radio programme, 'Have a Go', hosted by Wilfred Pickles and his wife Mabel.  The episode was recorded in Holmfirth. 

The programme is ostensibly a quiz asking questions like, “What does water not wet, or the sun dry?”  The answer: butter.  Pickles makes jokes and chats with the contestants.  The contestants are:  Arthur Holmes, aged 62, born in Bradford, but lived in Holmfirth, a councillor for 16 years and ex-chairman of the council.
Ronald Kay, aged 17, a member of the local drama club, run by May Lee.
Mrs Elsie Horton, from Underbank.
Frank Booth, proprietor, with a 13 year old daughter.
Peggy Parker from Surrey, now lives in the Oval, with two sons.
Cyril Armitage, aged 65, a reporter on the Holmfirth Express, which was then 78 years old.

The ¼ “ tape runs at 3 ¾ speed.