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NEFA 19651



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A sponsored film made by Turners Film Production for Durham County Council that records the installation of a new concrete radio mast at Aykley Heads in Durham City, designed by Ove Arup and completed in 1968.

Title: Radio Mast for Police Headquarters, Aykley Heads, Durham.

Title: Designed by Ove Arup’s and Partners Consulting Engineers for Durham County Council, J.L. Parnaby A.R.I.B.A. County Architect.

Title: Contractors Bierrus and Partners Ltd.

The film begins with a view of Durham Cathedral.

The film cuts to an overhead view of the construction site at Aykley Heads showing the three concrete tripod leg units in place surrounded by scaffolding. Two large Cole Centurion cranes stand on two sides of the legs.

General views of the concrete mast unit laid on the ground. A workman bolts a crane hoist into position onto the mast. Workmen stand around the end of the mast, which is beside a third smaller mobile crane.

The mast unit is lifted into the air and maneuvered into position over the leg units. Two men standing on the scaffolding help to position the mast as it is lowered onto the leg assembly.

General views of the completed mast with aerials and an aluminium lightning conductor attached. At the base of the unit a bulldozer dumps a load of soil into a lorry.

The film ends with a view of the mast standing next to the Durham Constabulary headquarters building.